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10/30/15 FYSF, #BBFoxFind Cloth Diaper Shell Giveaway!

Posted by Julie on 10/30/2015 to Contests & Giveaways
bbfoxfindThis week's Feed Your Stash Friday Giveaway is a special one! BestBottom diaper is our sponsor and they're providing a Limited Edition Fox Find print diaper shell as the prize. We can't get over how cute this colorful fox print diaper is. Don't you just love it?

A cloth diapering mom using disposable diapers!

Posted by Becca on 10/29/2015 to Cloth vs. Disposables
disposable diapersHi, my name is Becca, and I’m about to start using disposable diapers for the “first” time.

I should revise that. I’m not purchasing them or placing them on my child, but I will be...(read more)

Mom to Mom: Do you have a birth plan?

Posted by Becca on 10/26/2015 to Mom Madness
birthplanAt about six weeks away from delivery, even though I seem to be lackadaisical and lethargic about preparing for this poor baby number three, I did remember to pull up my birth plan from my son’s birth, review it, and have it ready to print...(read more)

10/23/15 FYSF, Win a $25 Gift Certificate to

Posted by Julie on 10/23/2015 to Contests & Giveaways
clothdiapers,giveawayThis week we're changing things up! You've got a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to With this gift certificate you'll be able to choose any prize you like. Want to apply the $25 credit toward a Tula Baby Carrier? You got it!

NEW Prints and Products COMING SOON to Diaper Junction!

Posted by Julie on 10/21/2015 to Cloth Diaper News
new prints,tokidoki,rumparoozWith the ABCKids Expo in it's final day today we couldn't be more excited about the newly revealed products and prints that we can new say are on their way to Diaper Junction. It's hard keeping secrets!

Mom to Mom: Braxton Hicks and Subsequent Pregnancies

Posted by Becca on 10/20/2015 to Family Focus
braxton hicksSo, I’m on my third pregnancy and I’m dying to know: Am I the only one totally and completely confused by Braxton Hicks contractions? They’re driving me crazy. Sending me into anxious fits. Interrupting loads of work that need to be done before the baby comes.

10/16/15 FYSF, WIN a Sweet Pea OS Bamboo AIO Diaper

Posted by Julie on 10/16/2015 to Contests & Giveaways

Mom to Mom: My Son and his Fluffy Mail

Posted by Becca on 10/13/2015 to Cloth Diaper Humor
fluffmailMy son loves his diapers. He likes helping me fold his diapers and put them away. He loves getting mail with more diapers. He loves opening said fluffy mail all by himself and discovering the new diapers inside. He is most especially pleased if those diapers have adorable little prints...(read more)

10/9/15 FYSF, Win a TotsBots EasyFit OS Cloth Diaper!

Posted by Julie on 10/9/2015 to Contests & Giveaways
totsbotsThis week we're featuring Tots Bots! Tots Bots are the creators of the popular EasyFit AIO, Stretchy Wrap, Teeny Fit and Bamboozle diapers.

Murphy’s Law and POOP

Posted by Becca on 10/7/2015 to Cloth Diaper Humor
murphyslaw,poop,clothdiapersIf you put your baby in a brand, new cloth diaper; they will poop, preferably within five minutes.
If you change your preferred method of diapering (even just once) to use a diaper with more intricate folding on the inside (prefolds, flats, some AIOs), your baby will poop in it and you will accidentally get a face full of poopy water when you take it to the diaper sprayer.

How to use your baby carrier in cold weather!

Posted by Julie on 10/5/2015 to Baby Wearing
babywearing jacketsSo you babywear and love to. Maybe you use a Tula Baby Carrier or Beco, Boba or Onya and you love keeping your baby snuggled close and comfortable. Now the weather's getting colder and it's starting to put a damper on your babywearing style. (read more...)

10/02/15 FYSF, Win an Imagine Baby Overboard AI2 Bundle!

Posted by Julie on 10/2/2015 to Contests & Giveaways
giveaway,imagine cloth diapersNautical theme cloth diapers a huge hit this year within the cloth diaper community and we think Imagine Baby has hit a home run with their new Overboard print diapers, covers and baby leg warmers!
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