BGN for Sloomb Wool Wash Bar
BGN for Sloomb Wool Bar

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BGN for Sloomb Wool Wash Bar

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Please note that the oils in these bars have pulled out and coated the outside of the bar and the label within the packaging, this does not affect the use of the product and will work as expected

Take the guesswork out of caring for your wool with BGN for Sloomb Wool Bar.

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BGN Wool Wash Bar for Sloomb

Our friends at Sustainablebabyish|Sloomb have paired up with Bee Green Naturals to bring you a line of easy wool care products. The BGN wool wash bar is made for washing your wool diaper covers and longies, but can also be used on sweaters, socks, and delicates. Wool care has never been so easy--just lather up! You will also be pleased to know Bee Green Naturals products are phthalate-free and are available fragrance-free or in an assortment of scents.

Available in a Variety of Soothing Scents

BGN Wool Wash bars are available in a medley of scents. BGN uses both essential oils (EO) and synthetic fragrance oils (FO) to scent their products.

  • LEMUR KISSES FO: bananas and citrus and strawberries and kisses. lots of lemur kisses!
  • LITTLE BEE FO: - soft blend of vanilla, peach, violet, sugar
  • NIGHT-NIGHT EO+FO: a sleepy time blend of vanilla and lavender
  • OATMEAL MILK AND HONEY FO: - wonderful fresh aroma of hawthorne, with nuances of creamy French vanilla, soy milk and a base note of nutty almond.
  • PEPPERMINT-LAVENDER EO: peppermint + lavender EO
  • SIREN FO: - songs of the ocean, sea salt, and blooms
  • UNICORNS&RAINBOWS FO: it's magical
  • VANILLA FIG FO: sweet vanilla blended with yummy figs, rum, & amber

How to Use a Wool Wash Bar

Rinse your wool items carefully in tepid water and fill your basin with tepid or warm water (not hot). As it is filling, lather the soap through the running water, making the water appear cloudy. Carefully squeeze the water through your wool and spot treat with the wool wash bar as needed. When spot treating, you can prevent excess pilling by using gentle strokes and not scrub too vigorously. Let the wool soak in the water for 5-15 minutes, rinsing the wool under lukewarm running water once it has soaked. Place the wool on a towel and roll the towel up, squeezing out the excess water by applying pressure to the rolled towel. Unroll and lay the wool flat to dry.

The BGN Wool Wash Bar is approximately 2.8 oz.

Made in the USA! Proudly made in the USA!


BGN for Sloomb Wool Lanolin Spray 4oz
BGN for Sloomb Wool Lanolin Spray 4oz
Freshen up your wool between washes with BGN for Sloomb Wool Lanolin Spray.
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Easy to use & smells great!
Reviewed by:  from Denton, TX. on 12/29/2018
I love the ease of use of the Bee Greens Sloomb Wash Bar. Just lather under running water in your basin & apply directly to the most soiled areas. It cleans effectively and it smells nice but not overpowering.
5 Stars
Love this bar!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Lock Haven, PA. on 2/16/2018
I really like this bar for washing wool - it has a great scent too. Will definitely be buying more!
4 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Nebraska. on 1/1/2017
I bought a couple of these in different scents to wash my wool sweaters. I can't really comment on how well they work on wool diaper items as I haven't tried it on them. They do wash my wool socks very well. My only complaint is that while my wools are drying, whatever room they are in smells like the wool wash bars - not necessarily a bad thing but I don't use a lot of fragrances so the scent of the wool wash is a bit stronger than what my senses are used to.
4 Stars
Smells amazing!
Reviewed by:  from Vermont. on 5/24/2016
This wool wash in Oatmeal Milk & Honey smells so good!
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