BALM! Baby

Like most good things, BALM Baby started with a baby. When the creators learned they were having their first baby, they began researching baby products and getting better informed about their impact on the environment. They learned that plastic never goes away. They learned that it contains some pretty toxic chemicals. This new knowledge got them thinking: "If I get that natural balm for my baby & it's stored in a plastic container, what happens when that container heats up?" Yeah, you guessed it, those toxic chemicals leach into the diaper balm and that "natural" product is now not "natural." That product, going onto their baby's skin--the largest organ of the body--and that container is never going away. A major misconception is that it IS the eco solution, but recycling is only a TEMPORARY solution. Pretty HEAVY stuff, huh? If you are choosing cloth diapers as a more "eco" solution to plastic disposable diapers, then doesn’t that mean you would want your diaper cream and baby care products in a glass container vs. a plastic one? Why is it that companies don't offer their "natural" products in "natural" containers?

This is why BALM! Baby was born; to provide our planet & our people not just natural products, but stored in natural containers too. BALM! Baby founders also wanted to provide a high quality, organic product that was affordable to everyone, which is what they now offer. Since 2008, they have been eco-leaders, providing natural quality products in natural containers. For their 1st child, 2nd child, your children and every single child for every single generation to come.

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