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Baby Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Baby Cloth Diapers: Easy Choice

Diapering used to be a real chore, but with today's highly improved styles and fabrics, you really do have choices for how you keep your little one dry and comfortable. Baby cloth diapers offer the ultimate in comfort, with soft, absorbent fabric next to your baby's skin. By comparison, disposables are constructed of plastics and other synthetics that leave babies hot and sticky. Moisture collecting inside a disposable can even lead to increased chances for rashes and other skin irritations. The simple way to avoid all this discomfort is by using contour diapers or one of the other styles that are popular today. In addition to sheer comfort for babies, parents like knowing that they can be environmentally conscious while dressing their children. The manufacture of disposables consumes valuable resources for products that are used only one time, and once they are used, disposables take up tremendous landfill space. With the simple step of learning how to fold cloth diapers or by choosing a convenient but reusable all-in-one style, you can do your part to preserve this beautiful Earth and its resources.

Contour Diapers Offer Advantages

An economical choice for diapering is this style, which offers a thin, hourglass shape. Contour diapers are especially trim through the crotch, keeping active babies comfortable even while they're on the move. In addition, this style dries more quickly than others, doesn't require folding, and offers the ability to adjust the rise of the diaper to fit just right. As with fitted cloth diapers, when you buy contours you'll be able to choose from several attractive colors and a range of sizes. Learn more about this option by browsing our simple "Shop by Category" menu to the left of each page.

Fitted Cloth Diapers are Effective

If you want styling that's similar to disposables and that contains messes well, then this style would be an excellent choice. These baby cloth diapers offer a comfortable, elasticized fit around the legs and waist, containing messes but not interfering with babies' free movement. By choosing an elastic-fit style, you also avoid the need to do any folding. Fitted cloth diapers are a convenient and effective choice: simply secure the diaper with the snap or Velcro closures, slip on a waterproof cover, and baby's ready to go again. You'll save money over popular all in one diaper styles and still get the absorbency and convenience that you need.