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Cloth Diapers - To Cover or Not to Cover?

Posted by Bridget on 6/7/2012 to Getting Started

How do you choose the right cloth diaper cover?

When it comes to cloth diapers, there are many brands and styles to suit your cloth diapering needs. While the all in one cloth diapers provide a diaper and a cover in one adorable package, some parents prefer to kick it old school with a prefold cloth diaper, and a cloth diaper cover. But is a cloth diaper cover really necessary?

Trial and error with your own cloth diapers will likely lead you to decide on how to use cloth diapers, but talking with other cloth diapering parents can help you gain insight on a good way to protect your baby. There are advantages and disadvantages to using prefold cloth diapers without the addition of a cloth diaper cover.

Using a Cloth Diaper Cover

A cloth diaper cover. provides extra protection from heavy wetting days and leakage. If you know you are going to be out for a while and have limited cloth diapering supplies, the cloth diaper cover may be able to hold things until the next change. With all the new cloth diaper cover styles, your, you may not want to put pants on your baby. No worries, if it gets a little chilly, you can always slip on some baby leggings. A cloth diaper cover also provides a little security. There's a little less risk that your baby will rip off his diaper and run away.

Not Using a Cloth Diaper Cover

When you allow your baby some breathing room with cloth diapers, there may be a better chance of keeping baby's skin dry and free of irritation. Some parents choose only clean, certified, organic cotton for their cloth diapers and while there are plenty of options for those who like their diaper and cover all in one, nothing will replace the organic cotton prefold for some. There's a reason cotton prefold cloth diapers have been the staple of many a cloth diaper stash. They're just so reliable! Experiment with and without covers to see which is most effective for your baby's health and happiness...and your sanity. Whichever you choose, we applaud your commitment to cloth diapers!

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