All In Two Diaper How To

How to Put All In Two diapers on Baby

All In Two Diapers (AI2s) are very similar to AIO's more a bit versatile and the diaper and it's components are not all attached like an All In One. AI2s allow you to choose your absorbency type and absorbency may either be able to be snapped in, layed in, tucked inside a pocket or all of the above. All In Two cloth diapers are a popular modern cloth diapering method.

The video demonstration embedded below shows step-by-step how to use the GroVia Hybrid Shell with Soaker Pads, a very popular AI2 cloth diapering system. This system and video demo does a great job at showing new cloth diapering families just how AI2 cloth diapers work, can be adjusted, and placed on baby. We highly suggest you view the below cloth diaper video demonstration of an All In Two cloth diaper.