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All About Flip Trainer

Posted by Bryana on 1/11/2011 to Potty Training

Flip diapers is a great smaller brand under the name of Cotton Babies. Although this company is small, its innovations are obvious. And one of the best of these is the Flip trainer. This article will tell you all about Flip trainer pants and why they are such a great product.

Flip diapers is a small company that was started by a mother in the United States. The goal is to make the day to day diaper changing process of cloth diapers as easy, if not easier, than using disposable diapers so that more people will want to use cloth diapers. And this has been achieved by this brand many times over.

One of the most exciting new inventions by the company is a very rare creation in the cloth diaper world. This is the Flip trainer. If you want to know all about Flip trainer pants, then you are learning about the advantages of two different thing: Flip diapers as a brand and training pants. These pants combine both of these.

The first part of learning all about Flip trainer pants is learning about Flip. Flip diapers are very easy to change. They are made with convenient inserts that can just be replaced so that you can keep the diaper itself on the whole day and not have to change it. They take moments to change and a lot less washing than cleaning a whole cloth diaper for a very small stain.

The second part of learning all about Flip trainer paints is the combination of Flip’s design with training pants. These cloth diapers have the inserts, but they stretch, allowing them to be pulled up or down easily, even by your baby. This makes potty training that much easier, but still provides adequate protection in case accidents happen.

If you want to learn about Flip trainer pants, you will no doubt love learning that they combine the best of both worlds. They use Flip diaper designs, but have the advantages of training pants so that you can cloth diaper your baby easily, even when potty training your baby.