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What is an AIO Diaper?

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Cloth diapers have been used by parents since time immemorial. The first version of a cloth diaper was made of linen or wool and wrapped around the limbs and the body in a criss-crossing manner. Even with the popularity of the disposable diaper since the 1900s, the cloth diaper has never lost its share of admirers. It has even conceived a number of variations including flats, pre-folds, fitted, pocket and the all in one diaper.

An All in One diaper, also called the AIO diaper is one of the cloth diapers that are making a mark in the nappy market today. Unlike the All in Two diapers where the absorbent pad is detachable, an AIO diaper is essentially one whole package. It consists of an absorbent material and is stitched to the outer part which is waterproof.

Among the many kinds of cloth diapers, the AIO diaper best resembles the disposable diaper. Because of this, the AIO diaper is easy to use, maybe the least difficult among all cloth diapers. Like a disposable one, the AIO diaper is fastened using mechanisms like Velcro, snap-ons and hook and loops. They are also leak-proof to prevent you child from wetting or soiling the bed or the couch.

Unlike the disposable nappies, on the other hand, an AIO diaper is more breathable and more comfortable thus there is less chance of getting diaper rash. The AIO diaper is mostly made of natural materials like cotton, wool, hemp and bamboo. In addition, using all in one diapers helps the environment because you can use and reuse them for a long time. With disposables, who knows how much trash can be accumulated within the same amount of time for a cloth diaper to last.

There are concerns that AIO diapers are expensive. A deeper look, though, will reveal that you can actually save more using an AIO diaper as compared to disposables. Disposable diapers cost around 15 to 30 dollars for every pack while cloth diapers are around a hundred upfront. If you compute the total amount you spend on disposables in relation to the length of time you can use a cloth diaper, you will be surprised to know that all in ones are cheaper indeed.