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Advantages of the Wool Diaper Cover

Posted by Bryana on 3/16/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To

If you are cloth diapering your baby, then you will have to have some sort of diaper cover in order to keep the mess inside the diaper and prevent it from leaking through to the baby’s clothes. There are many kinds of diaper covers. One of these is the wool diaper cover. There are many advantages to wool diaper covers.

Wool is not necessarily known as a material that would necessarily be known as something that is water-resistant, but it actually is just that. The wool diaper cover, because of the way wool cloth is made, is actually very water-resistant and makes a very good diaper cover, especially in winter.

Of course, you probably already know why the wool diaper cover is so great for babies in winter. Wool is an especially warm material, and even though it is not incredibly thick, it will make a very warm diaper cover for a baby. The baby can stay dry and stay warm, and because they are so tiny, this is very important.

And even though the wool diaper cover is very great for warmth and it keeps wetness inside the diaper cover, it is still very breathable. This is a very important quality when it comes to diaper covers because babies that wear diaper covers that are not breathable tend to be very prone to diaper rash. And nobody wants their baby to get diaper rash from a diaper cover and cloth diaper.

Many companies sell different varieties of the wool diaper cover. You can usually find these covers wherever you buy your cloth diapers and cloth diaper products. You can find these at your cloth diaper retailer, but if you have trouble, many vendors online sell these in a variety of different colors and sometimes even different prints, although this is less common with wool.

If you want a great diaper cover that will keep your baby warm and keep the mess in, but won’t cause your baby to get diaper rash, then you no doubt want to get a wool diaper cover for your baby. This is a great option with many advantages.