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Your feedback is important to us!

Posted by Julie on 3/3/2011 to Cloth Diaper News

Did you know Diaper Junction is a Directory member at Diaperpin? Diaperpin is a popular resource for existing cloth diapering families and for those interested in getting started with cloth diapers.

We know that you’re out there, shopping til you drop, addicted to cloth diapers and their ever so cute accessories. We also know that chances are you’re not leaving feedback for each transaction and probably not reviews for each of the products you own or have tried.

If you’ve shopped with us either recently or in the past you can leave feedback for us there! Feedback and reviews are important because they provide valuable information to those looking for honest reviews of both stores and the products they carry. Your experience with a product or with our service allows new cloth diaper users to shop with confidence and it also allows us a glimpse at what you think! Everyone loves hearing positive feedback! Feedback in general is so important to us and to many other small businesses. We love reading about your experiences! Every time we read a positive review or something nice you’ve said about us we’re just tickled to death to know we’ve done a good job.

Leaving a review for us on Diaperpin is simple! Visit their Directory where you can locate stores alphabetically. Locate the DiaperJunction page and scroll down to the bottom where you’ll see a button that says “Post Your Review.” It’s that easy!

You can also leave individual product reviews for each of the products you’ve purchased from us! Remember your input and personal experience is so helpful for new cloth diaperers and it assists them in choosing the products that would best suit their needs.

Stop by Diaperpin and leave your review of DiaperJunction today! :)