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You want to do cloth diapers? Are you crazy?

Posted by CDB Guest on 7/30/2010 to Cloth vs. Disposables

"You want to give birth naturally…yeah right, they all say that. You are going to breastfeed…I give it a month. You want to do cloth diapersare you crazy!"

While I was still pregnant it seemed everywhere I turned people were skeptical. Each time I discussed a desire to have my child naturally, to breastfeed or cloth diaper people continued to doubt my resolve. The fact that I was having my first child also earned me the extremely popular, "you just wait and see" remark.

While Lamaze was no cakewalk, and breastfeeding turned out to be one of the hardest things I have ever done, I'm proud to say I followed through with both. Cloth diapering is no exception.

I was certainly not born with an intense desire to cloth diaper. Prior to becoming pregnant I probably would have said it wasn’t for me. However, my husband and I are a healthy, active couple living a fairly clean lifestyle. We follow a mostly plant based diet, are passionate about eating organically and do our best to reduce our ecological footprint. All on a budget of course!

Because we already practice a sort of "general awareness" it came natural to start researching the benefits of cloth diapering while I was compiling our registry. Slowly I began to warm up to the idea. While researching all the different brands and diaper systems has been a bit overwhelming, it has also been exciting!

Cloth diapering has become an obsession for me.

It may sound strange but cloth diapering has become an obsession for me. The top three reasons I decided to go with cloth diapers are, I suspect, the top three reasons most people do:
  • No Diaper Rash. While I am a new mother, I am not new to taking care of babies and have seen my fair share of extremely sore bums. The pain and discomfort it causes them is enough to break my heart. Any solution that gets the nasty chemicals in disposables away from my child's privates is a winner to me. With the use of fleece liners to keep my daughter’s bum dry we have yet to have an issue with diaper rash.
  • 500 Years! I don’t think I could call myself a responsible consumer if I knowingly contributed disposables to landfills. When you consider how many diapers you go through with one child, and the fact that each diaper takes up to 500 years to decompose in a landfill, it's depressing. Other studies even suggest that disposable diapers may NEVER fully decompose due to lack of air, light and/or water.
  • Save Money. The amount you'll save during the average 2 1/2 years most children wear diapers can vary. It depends largely on what brand and diapering system you decide to go with. After searching the web I have seen figure estimates anywhere from $1500 - $3000. As a momma on a budget that is an extremely attractive proposition.

Hopefully by sharing my initial journey into the world of cloth diapers it will inspire other newbies to Give Cloth a Chance! It's worth it and not nearly as difficult as most people imagine.