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You chose cloth for your baby, why not for yourself too?

Posted by CDB Guest on 4/10/2011 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

Mama Cloth

We cloth diapering mommas have so many reasons why we use cloth diapers. We all know why cloth diapers are better than disposables and I know I am not the only one trying to sell my friends on the idea. They are less wasteful than disposables. They are cheaper in the long run. They are softer and more comfortable on our babies bum. And they are just plain cuter!

So why is it so easy for us to sell our friends and family on cloth diapers for our babies but so hard to convince others or even ourselves that cloth for ourselves is great too? They offer all of the same benefits as cloth diapers. They are better for the environment because they cut down on waste in the landfill and they arent made with a bunch of chemicals and plastics which are harmful to the environment to create. They are cheaper in the long run!

How many disposable pads or tampons do you go through in a day, week, month every year! What about bra pads, for those who are nursing? I was given a box (72 count) of disposable bra pads at my baby shower. They lasted three weeks! That box cost $15! Could you imagine spending $15 every three weeks? Do you spend $15 or more every month on bra pads? Now think to that time, every month, how many of you are happy with the comfort your disposable pads? Do you enjoy the rusting sound of plastic paper material in public restrooms? No? Then why havent you tried cloth pads yet! Cloth pads are breathable and comfortable and made of nothing but soft fabric to keep you feeling nice and comfortable. Even cloth bra pads are a million times more comfortable than their disposable counterparts.

It seems that momma cloth gets me the same strange looks and questions as cloth diapers do. People ask me, but how do you wash them? Just like my cloth diapers! It sounds gross. Its really not any more gross than using disposables. But I heard they leak all the time. Um, nope - I have been using momma cloth for a long time now and never once had a leak! I have had leaks using disposables though. But they are really expensive. Are they? At between $8-19 each they pay for themselves in about 3 months! Every month after that its like someone gave you $10!

There is also the Diva Cup which is my personal favorite and at under $35 it is a great deal! I have spent more than $30 on disposable pads and tampons for just one cycle! I also have a latex allergy and was even sensitive to certain disposable pads but not the Diva Cup! I even used my Diva Cup while back packing through Europe 2 years ago. It was so much easier to have just one Diva Cup instead of boxes of pads or trying to buy those things overseas! Cloth bra pads have become a sort of obsession for me. With a major oversupply issue we were flying through disposables and I would have a strange sour milk smell as the day would wear on. Then I discovered hemp bra pads. Did you know that hemp is naturally antimicrobial? This means no smelly sour milk smell! And hemp is so absorbent that I can make it a whole day with just one bra pad when I used to use 4-6 disposable ones! Hows that for economical and ecological!

So what are you waiting for? Why havent you tried cloth and/or reusable menstrual products for yourself yet? The same reasons you cloth diaper are the same reasons why you should be using momma cloth!