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With What Shall You Wash?

Posted by CDB Guest on 11/1/2010 to Washing Cloth Diapers

I couldn't tell you how many times I've heard, Yes, I'd use cloth diapers if I knew they'd come out clean in the wash, or some variant of this wish. In this blog, we've discussed many tips for proper laundering of cloth diapers, everything from the dunk method in the toilet to remove excess waste, to a pre-soak with a diaper sprayer before running a load in the washing machine. While these first steps are helpful in getting rid of the worst of the stains and solids, it's the detergent used that determines how well and how clean the covers and insert come out.

Of course, using name brand soap you'd put in your regular laundry is out of the question. Considering how cloth diapers support your baby's sensitive skin, there are specialized detergents designed to clean and disinfect - the ideal cloth diaper detergent will be free of dyes and phosphates, yet tough enough to work in hard water. The question remains, though: with what should you wash?

Most of the parents I know who use cloth are brand loyal, confident in the quality of the detergent they use. If you are new to cloth diapering and skittish about investing twenty dollars in something right off the bat, you'll be happy to know you can purchase samples for your wash to judge for yourself which is the right cloth diaper detergent for your laundry. When you shop at Diaper Junction, you have the opportunity to stock up on a few samples of the top laundry brands to test drive your cloth washing.

The Rockin' Green sampler, only a dollar, gives you about 2-4 load's worth of rockin' diaper washing power. It is a vegan product, too, perfect for parents who recognize the need to go completely green.

Country Save works in cold and hot water and is biodegradable and soluble. Like other diaper detergents, it is free of dyes and perfumes. You can get a sample pack for only seventy-five cents!

Tiny Bubbles, a product of GroVia, offers a fifty-cent pack good for one load of wash. Like competing brands, the detergent is formulated to keep baby's sensitive skin free of irritation.

It's not uncommon for a cloth diaper brand to have its own detergent accompaniment. To ensure the highest quality of cleaning, manufacturers want to know exactly what goes into the soap used on their covers, and it's natural to create a formula designed for your product. That said, if you have FuzziBunz diapers and buy the GroVia brand detergent, it's not going to upset any balances. You may find a particular brand works well among all of your diapers, while some do better than others.

The samples are there, however, for your experimentation. If you're new to cloth diapers, it's a small investment that will certainly guide how you handle washings.