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Winners and Final Results of our RDA Photo Fundraiser!

Posted by Julie on 5/2/2012 to Contest Winners
Thank you all so much for your help and support of the Real Diaper Association. Our goal was to collect 1000 photos and reach our maximum donation goal of $500,but we came up short.  It was still a blast and we really enjoyed getting to see everyone's fluffy photos.

As you recall, on top of the donations, there were some prizes to be won as well.  Read on for our winners list.

Our final photo count was 157 photos for a donation total of $78.50 raised for the Real Diaper Association.  But that's A-OK and we still appreciate your support.  On top of this donation are all the funds we raised at the Great Cloth Diaper Change, so we definitely were able to donate our goal to to the RDA.

Our Grand Prize Winner, The photo that received the most votes was Paxton who was totally Rockin' in his BumGenius Cloth Diaper!  He received a whopping 151 votes!
Paxton's mama Whitney will receive a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Diaper Junction to spend on new cloth diapers, baby gear or accessories for Paxton!

Our (2) Random Winners who will each receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Diaper Junction are...
Lindon, Amanda C's little cutie!  Is sportin' a BumGenius Elemental Onesize AIO cloth diaper in Ribbit and is super happy to be wearing a fluffy diaper!

Ella, Amanda D's darling daughter who is modeling her cow print Best Bottoms cloth diaper!

Mamas, if you're a winner, please check your email to claim your prizes.  You'll have your GC code emailed to you.

Thank you all for participating and for helping us make the most out of our Photo Fundraiser.  On behalf of Diaper Junction and the RDA we thank you!