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Why do we love Fuzzi Bunz?

Posted by Bryana on 2/13/2007 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Fuzzi Bunz FeaturesFuzzi Bunz pocket diapers have so many unique and wonderful features.Fuzzi Bunz waterproof outer is made of a polyester which has been laminated to keep wetness contained. Fuzzi Bunz has super soft polyester microfleece inside that has been custom milled for this cloth diaper. This soft material is what touches the baby's skin. This microfleece inside a Fuzzi Bunz wicks moisture away, keeping baby rash free, dry, and comfortable. The fleece inside Fuzzi Bunz stays so dry that even we had a hard time determining if the diaper was wet or not.Fuzzi Bunz are a multi-sized diaper which allows for a custom fit. Each diaper has many adjustable snap settings that grow with your baby. This allows each Fuzzi Bunz diaper size to fit your baby for 4 or more months at a time. (This time frame can vary a little depending on the build of your baby.)The unique pocket-style opening of Fuzzi Bunz allows you to customize the absorbency your baby needs. Stuff the pocket with micro inserts, a chinese prefold diaper, or even a hand towel!The elastic in Fuzzi Bunz is all encased inside the diaper. This prevents any rough elastic from rubbing on baby's tender skin. The stitching around the elastic creates 'Mini Gussets' to keep messes where they belong.Fuzzi Bunz are available in a wide array of color choices to make cloth diapering fun!

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