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Why choose wool for cloth diapering?

Posted by Julie on 11/3/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To

The 411 on Wool

Wool is usually either a cloth diapering family's absolute favorite or the one thing they're afraid to try.

So why does wool make perfect sense for use with cloth diapers and what are the benefits of choosing it? Well, get ready to find out!

About Wool and it's benefits:

Wool is a natural fiber used for centuries because of it's excellent insulating yet surprisingly breathable qualities. Great right? But you're probably still wondering, what makes it a good diaper cover?

Wool's most amazing ability? It's able to absorb over 30% it's weight in moisture without feeling damp or wet and it's naturally water repellant with a little help from it's naturally occurring lanolin.

When you combine naturally insulating and temperature regulating, with super absorbent and NATURAL, you begin to see why it's a great choice for cloth diapering.

Let's re-cap!

  • Wool is absorbent and breathable which means it makes a great choice as a diaper cover over your favorite fitted cloth diapers, prefolds, flats and more!
  • Wool is insulating and temperature regulating, keeping baby cool and dry in warm climates and warm in cold weather.
  • Wool is naturally water repellant. This means it's able to stay drier longer and makes it a perfect choice for those nighttime needs and for heavy-wetters.
  • Wool is super durable. Stretchy and strong, wool is not prone to rips or tears and is capable of lasting years when cared for properly.
  • Wool is able to be used over and over before washing. No need to wash with each diaper change, wool covers can be used until you feel they're soiled and ready to wash.

What about caring for them?

Handwash in warm water using a wool wash like Eucalan. Wool washes contain naturally beneficial ingredients for wool care and help maintain it's water repelling abilities. Rinsing is not required.

Dry your wool by laying it on a towel and rolling it tightly to remove the water. Lay flat or hang to dry in a manner that will not affect their shape or stretch them out.

Re-lanolize as needed per the instructions on the lanolin of your choice.

We hope this post has opened your eyes to the many benefits of wool. Have a question? Please comment here or ask us on Facebook!

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