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Why are my cloth diapers leaking?

Posted by Bryana on 2/19/2007 to Troubleshooting
There's nothing more frustrating than a leaky cloth diaper. Don?t give up just yet! There are many factors that can cause your diapers to leak. These setbacks are quick and easy to fix. The following is a list of possible reasons why your diapers may be leaking.

Proper Fit
- Diaper covers are the most important part of your cloth diapering system. Many moms hope to save money by buying a larger cover for baby to grow in to. Unfortunately you cannot do this. The diaper cover must fit snuggly on the baby so that there is no gap in the leg openings. However, the cover should not be too tight as it will leave nasty red marks on baby's thighs. If you can fit more than two fingers between baby's thigh and the cover, then it is too big. On the flip side, the diaper cover could be too small. Make sure that the entire diaper is covered and not hanging out of the cover.

Pocket Diaper Leaks
- Pocket diapers require the same proper fit as a diaper cover. Your pocket diaper should not be too big or small. Pocket diapers need to be stuffed with an absorbent material. Make sure you have a sufficient absorbent material stuffed into the diaper. If you have a sufficient absorbent material, make sure you don't have too much stuffing. Too much stuffing may pull at the leg openings causing a gap. If using an insert, try adding a doubler or even one to two more inserts. If using a prefold, try either a larger or smaller size depending on your situation.

Broken In
- Cloth diapers require "breaking in". Most cloth diapers must be washed a few times to strip away natural oils found in fabric to reach maximum absorbency. For example:Diaper doublers and/or inserts made of the same materials listed above need to be "broken in" as well.

Detergent Build Up
- It may be possible that you have a detergent build up on your cloth diapers. The residue will decrease the absorbency of your diapers. To check this, wash your diapers in plain hot water. Check the diapers while washing, if you see soap suds, then you have build up. Continue washing your diapers in hot water without soap until there are no more suds. This information also holds true for leaking pocket diapers such as Fuzzi Bunz.

Infrequent Changes
- Newborns should be changed 10-12 times a day. Infants require 8-10 changes a day and toddlers need 6-8 changes. Not only will frequent changes keep baby leak free but it will also keep baby's skin healthy and rash free.

Heavy Wetter
- Your baby may be a heavy wetter. In this case, consider moving up to the next size diaper or adding a doubler or two.

Night Time Leaks
- Try adding a doubler or two to the night time diaper for extra absorbency. If using prefolds, you can even try double diapering. If baby is still leaking, consider trying a Wool Soaker or any style of pocket diaper.If none of the above applies to your situation, please feel free to contact us. We will do all we can to help you patch your leaks.