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Why YOU should choose cloth wipes over disposable wipes!

Posted by Bert on 5/9/2013 to Cloth Diaper Accessories
For the longest time when I first started cloth diapering I used disposable wipes. I thought cloth wipes would be more difficult and since it was my husband's idea to start cloth diapering I wanted to be successful. I was wrong; cloth wipes weren't more difficult than disposable wipes. Actually, cloth wipes were easier because I could throw them into my dry pail with my diapers. When I was using cloth wipes,how to,cloth diapersdisposable wipes the whole process was so annoying because my dry pail was in my son's room but our diaper sprayer was in the bathroom (obviously!). Well, you can't flush disposable wipes down the drain (trust me, I know from a very bad experience) so I'd have to take the stupid disposable wipes out of the diaper, throw them in the garbage and then get to my diaper spraying. Yet another step in the process and when you're a busy mom.

Finally, after the fifth terrible diaper rash from teething poop I decided that I wanted to be in charge of what I was wiping my child's butt with. Onto cloth wipes and choosing a solution to soak my wipes with. I did create my own solution but after looking into the cost and the time and effort that I put into measuring, I realized that time was money so buying wipes bits or a solution was worth more than the few dollars I was saving.

There are two main ways of storing your cloth wipes and solution. I've done both and while they're both effective one can save you more time than the other.

1. Spray bottles + wipes - This is the way I did my cloth wipes for years. Simply mix your solution, pour into a spray bottle and then during the diaper change spray the wipes. The downside of this method is the time that it can take during a diaper change. If your child is like mine they want that diaper change over and done with so they can go play; they don't care if there's poop or not they just want out. Spraying wipes equals more time to try to corral your little one to hold still.

2. Place wipes into a holder and pour the solution over the wipes - This is the busy mom's way to do cloth wipes. Simply place your dry, clean wipes into the wipes container and pour your wipes solution over the wipes, letting them soak up the solution. The only thing you need to be careful of is washing your wipes frequently enough so that they don't start to get moldy.

What do you use for your cloth wipes? Have you been sitting on the fringe waiting to make the switch? Come over to the cloth wipes side, the water's nice!