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Why Are Cloth Diapers Best for Your Baby?

Posted by Bryana on 10/29/2013 to Cloth Diaper Accessories
Conventional disposable diapers offer parents significant convenience in the way of maintenance and disposal, but many are uninformed as to the disadvantages of using them. Virtually all disposable diapers contain a long list of toxic ingredients that could do great harm to your baby if ingested including bleach derivatives. They also contain sodium polyacrylate, a type of absorbent crystal no longer used in feminine care products due to its link with toxic shock syndrome. 

The advent of disposable diapers was the catalyst for the decline in cloth diaper use. Where cloth diapers are concerned, people usually think of older examples which took the form of unsightly sheets haphazardly wrapped around an infant and secured by big, ugly pins. Modern advancements have seen much improvement in cloth diaper innovation, and many widely available cloth diapers are aesthetically indistinguishable from conventional diapers during wear.

Cloth diapers are just as absorbent as disposable diapers and contain none of the dangerous chemicals commonly employed by commercial diapers, so they are much safer for use. They are also less expensive over time than disposable diapers, as they are cleaned, laundered and reused instead of tossed in the trash. While maintaining clean cloth diapers requires a slightly increased effort, the resultant reduction in waste and elimination of harmful synthetic chemicals from baby care helps your family lead a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

Cloth diapers are best for babies. They are less expensive, contain no synthetic chemicals and they are better for the environment, which helps you leave a better world for your child to enjoy one day. Choose cloth diapers for your baby if a little extra laundry is worth a lot of extra peace of mind.