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What's in your pockets?

Posted by Becca on 6/27/2011 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

The great thing about pocket diapers is that they are so customizable.  A stuffable pocket leaves literally endless possibilities when it comes to your level and type of absorbency.  Of course, pocket diapers generally come with inserts, but you’re not limited to what comes with the diaper.   There are so many other wonderful options to choose from to maximize your pocket diaper’s effectiveness.

Granted, you can stick with the absorbency your pocket diaper comes with which is usually microfiber (sometimes called microterry). Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that is extremely absorbent.  If you aren’t familiar with it, just head on over to the automotive section of your local Walmart and you will find soft, microfiber cloths used for washing and drying cars.  My friend uses microfiber towels to dry off his Corvette after it rains because it’s not only soft enough not to damage the shiny paint job, but it easily absorbs the water, affectively drying his car.  I really like it for washing windows for the same reason. You can imagine, then, if it does so well with household and automotive tasks, that it will be quite successful in taking care of your baby’s bodily functions!

Many pocket diapers offer hemp as another option for stuffing pockets.  Fuzzi Bunz one size cloth diapers give you the option of either hemp inserts or microfiber inserts and Knickernappies offer not only the microfiber inserts but a unique microfiber/hemp blend called the loopy do insert which is not only amazingly absorbent, but dries quickly due to it’s unique, looped design.  Then there are diapers that don’t offer microfiber inserts as an option such as the BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket Diaper which comes with a Joey Bunz hemp insert.

The great thing about using lots of pocket diapers—even if you have tons of different brands—is that you’ll find that for the most part the inserts are interchangeable from one diaper to another sometimes, even between different sizes.  I’ve put the snap in soakers from my Bumbino One Size AI2 into my Knickernappies, Smartipants, and Rump-a-rooz.  I’ve put my Tweedlebugs insert into my bumGenius and vice versa.  And I use my loopy do inserts from my knickernappies diapers to stuff every diaper when it’s time for bed.

In addition to the inserts that cloth diapers come with, you can buy other inserts separately.  Not only do most diaper brands offer their inserts separately from their diapers, but you can also find special inserts that are offered alone.  Inserts such as Babykicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz or  a trifolded Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds work wonders.  Happy Heinys also offers a special, super absorbent insert called Hemp Stuffins.  There are those people who skip buying special inserts all together and just fold an infant or newborn prefold in thirds and stick it inside their pockets because there’s nothing like going back to the tried and true basics of an absorbent, soft, cotton prefold!

If you don’t want to trade in your microfiber inserts for other materials, you can always add a doubler or booster to customize your absorbency.  Some people just double up with the newborn insert that one size pocket diapers come with.  I don’t like to do this because I find it too bulky.   I prefer the Grovia booster, made out of cotton Sherpa and the Hemp Babies Little Weeds doubler.  Both are super trim and they work wonders!

No matter how you stuff it, you’re going to love how adaptable pocket diapers are to your little one’s needs.  Day or night, heavy wetter or frequent wetter, you’ll be able to find the absorbency that works for you with a little trial, error, and experimentation.  Whether you stick with the microfiber, all natural fabric, or a mixture of both, the options are literally limitless.