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What's in your Sitter Stash?

Posted by CDB Guest on 8/28/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To
Most grandparents, even if they used cloth diapers on their children, wont be interested in flats, prefolds, pins, snappis, or covers. Some of our parents are even scarred with horrible memories of extremely bulky diapers, sticking their babies with pins, and leaky plastic pants. They may resist your cloth diapering ways and wish to use disposables while they watch the baby. Luckily, there are so many options out there that you can set up a nice little stash of cloth diapers for them to use that are as easy as disposables!

Ease of Use-

To best prevent post traumatic stress for your parents (or in laws) when they care for your baby, you may want to help them out by supplying some very easy to use All-in-One (AIO) or pre-stuffed Pocket Diapers. Aplix or velcro closures will also help, as a dozen waist snaps can be intimidating to some (including your husband, but that's another story!).  Also consider that arthritic fingers can have a hard time with snaps. 
I have found that I adore the Tots Bots Easy Fit diapers for our own stash and as our sitter diapers. They are somewhere between an AIO and a pocket. The insert is always with the diaper, but it stretches out for easy cleaning. There is plenty of room for stuffing them if you need more absorbency. The aplix tabs are strong, easy to use, and make for a quick diaper change on a crocodile death rolling baby! Tots Bots have a pocket style lining without folds and layers for poop to get trapped in (a huge bonus in my book!).

Ease of Cleaning-

Along with your mother's fear of the diaper's actual performance might be anxiety about cleaning them, and how much cleaning she will be expected to do. My own mother has told me about using a spatula to remove poop, using a wet pail, and then hand washing diapers. (yay for diaper sprayers, dry pails, and washing machines!) To make it as easy as possible, I've given my in laws the fold up and toss away option- they fold up the dirty diaper and put it into the GroVia wetbag as is, and I deal with it once I get home. Another option would be the flushable liners that a few cloth diaper companies make- simply line all of the sitter diapers and they can peal off and flush the liner. I use cloth wipes at home, but this was an easy compromise for me to make. They buy and use the most natural wipes they can get. Sometimes its all about balance- I'm far more concerned about using the cloth diapers, if using disposable wipes makes them happy, then so be it! Our mothers didn't have the amazing diapers we do today, nor the massive support system we are all so accustomed to. While I enjoy using the flats and prefolds in my stash, I know that my mother would be happy to never see them again! Our sitter stash has made everyone happy.