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What are the benefits of babywearing?

Posted by Julie on 7/29/2014 to Baby Wearing

What are the benefits of babywearing?

Baby carriers are back at Diaper Junction and we're excited to have them back. Babywearing and cloth diapering go hand in hand and both have great benefits for family, mother and child.

So, what are the benefits of babywearing?

baby carriers Although babywearing has gained popularity in recent years, it is actually a practice that has been around for centuries in this country and countries all over the world. Not only are the advantages of babywearing recognized by mothers worldwide, but also by many health care professionals. Whether you choose a sling, wrap, or carrier, the benefits are the same.

It’s Convenient!

With practice, placing your baby in a sling, wrap, or carrier can be just as easy, if not easier, than unfolding a stroller and strapping them in. Instead of weaving a stroller through crowds and aisles, your baby is safely and comfortably attached to you. There is no need to wait around for an elevator or lug a stroller up a flight of stairs. The best part is that your hands are still free to take care of other children or other tasks. Babywearing can also reduce distractions and allow for discrete breastfeeding in public. But wait - babywearing doesn’t just apply to babies! Toddlers also enjoy the comfort and closeness associated with being worn, as well as the prime viewing angle you don’t get in a stroller!

It’s Healthy for Baby!

babywearing,wrap carrier Studies have shown that babies who are worn cry less and sleep better; babies have an innate need to be touched. Premature babies who are worn (known as kangaroo care) have been shown to gain weight faster and are generally healthier than premature babies who are not; kangaroo care can also help regulate baby’s breathing and heart rate. Babywearing can also be useful to calm colicky babies and manage babies with reflux. It aids in the development of the vestibular system and the muscular system. Babywearing allows babies to observe their environment with the reassurance that mom is nearby. As a result, it is not only beneficial for physical and mental development, but emotional as well.

It’s Healthy for You!

The health benefits of babywearing extend to mom too! Babywearing is a great way to supplement physical activities with weight-bearing. As previously discussed, research not only suggests that babies who are worn tend to be calmer and happier, but furthermore, moms who babywear report a more confident and positive parenting experience, which can subsequently lead to fewer issues with postpartum depression. When baby is kept close to mom, the production of hormones associated with breastfeeding is increased, which can help establish mom’s milk supply.

It’s Enjoyable!

There was nothing quite like the feeling of my tiny new baby held snug against my chest; that same child enjoyed the zoo much more in his carrier on my back than in his stroller as a toddler. And with so many styles and patterns of slings, wraps, and carriers, there is guaranteed to be one that fits your personal style and preference. Many moms consider them an extension of their outfit for the day!

I have only scratched the surface here of the countless benefits that babywearing offer to mom and child. And don’t forget, dads can get in on the babywearing action too! Just remember, not all babywearing options are created equal – it may take some trial and error to find what works best for you and your baby. But once you do, you may wonder what took you so long to try!