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We Cloth Diaper

Posted by CDB Guest on 6/3/2010 to Cloth Diaper How-To

"We cloth diaper." This is a phrase that can splash terror and judgment across the faces of friends, family, and care providers. I have only been cloth diapering a short time, but have already learned some helpful tips below to aide you on your journey:

1. Consider using pocket diapers or all in ones. I now have at least six pocket diapers or all in ones on hand at any given moment. This allows my husband (who will only cloth diaper with minimum effort and will NEVER clean a pooped-in cloth diaper) and caregivers to easily cloth diaper with minimal leaks. They function almost as a disposable and you can separate the insert at home.

2. Never pause after saying you cloth diaper. Continue into the explanation while showing them the new way that cloth is designed. There is a stigma of pins and frustration. Help avoid this by demonstration.

3. Keep the explanation simple. I show them the diaper, the wet bag, hook and loop closure, and laundry tabs (they may otherwise roll them and put the hook onto the cover causing snags). These are the basics. I also tell them when to change him again to prevent undo worry.

4. Change your child right before handing him over. I normally only have childcare for a few hours. If it is 2-3 hours, I tell them he will not need changed if it is not poopie. Although, every time, people change him. I think that they see how easy it is and are curious to try it out.

5. Honor their requests. If they are really uncomfortable, do not force cloth diapering. There is always the option to use hybrid diapers with disposable inserts. However, I have never met one person not willing to try.

These simple steps have allowed me to quickly and easilyy hand my little one to others and run errands without compromising cloth diapering. I hope that it will go as smoothly for you as it has for us. Good luck and enjoy it!