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Washing cloth diapers isn't so bad....

Posted by CDB Guest on 1/25/2011 to Washing Cloth Diapers

I had the popular belief that cloth diapering was gross and disgusting. I even remember helping my mom decades ago swishing out diapers in the toilet...yuck. I even said then that I would never cloth diaper, but I find myself a year into my cloth diapering journey and I love it!

My friend had her baby in these adorable diapers that were all colorful and of course I needed to inquire. They were one size pocket diapers in a variety of cute colors. I had to try it. Upon receiving my new cloth diapers I have not gone back. I enjoyed saving money and having my sweet babe look so cute.

I started with cloth diapers and researched all I could. I had no idea there was so much information available out there for newbies in cloth diapering. I ordered diaper liners then I made my own. I purchased a folding drying rack and reveled in all the money I was saving. What joy to not run out of diapers and need to run to the store.

Another friend told me she was going to try a new diaper called Flip. I investigated and just had to purchase. I fell in love. Some people like the all in one, some like the pocket, and I love the diaper cover and inserts. I did not need to buy as many covers and I do use my old inserts with my Flip system. It is so easy and the selling point to me was the disposable inserts.

My family camps all through the summer and we finish our season with a week long camping trip. With no laundry available, I cloth diapered the entire week with the help of Flip’s disposable inserts. I put a cloth insert in and a disposable on top of that. I washed my covers and inserts by hand with the help of Rockin' Green soap. I just soaked the inserts over night and thoroughly rinsed in the morning then placed them on the drying rack in the sun. It was more work, but I felt so accomplished in not going back to disposables.

I have a new baby on the way and I am so excited to begin his new journey in cloth. My toddler is 21 months old and I am looking forward to see if the rumors are true. Does cloth diapering help toddlers potty train faster? We shall find out.

I never would have begun this journey without word of mouth. My friends sharing their new treasures with me gave me the courage to try something new. I know from one friend, five other mamas have begun their journey in cloth diapering. Don’t be scared to speak up and share your excitement. It could revolutionize a mama’s life.