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Vacation Diaries: Swim Diapers

Posted by Becca on 7/14/2010 to Cloth Diaper How-To

When going on vacation with cloth diapers, getting a good swim diaper is a must!

Basically, a swim diaper is special diaper designed to keep your baby’s poop from invading the swimming pool.

A good swim diaper will allow liquids to pass through and contain the poop safe and sound. It has no absorbent layers because they would add extra weight making buoyancy difficult and causing a safety hazard to your child.

When considering swimming with cloth diapers, you have two choices.

You can buy a diaper that is specifically made for swimming. Brands such as Bummis, Kushies, Imse Vimse, and Apple Cheeks offer quality swim diapers in various sizes.

The plus to buying these diapers is they are specifically made with swimming in mind and are specially designed to contain messes while being submerged in water. They generally aren’t too expensive and usually come in great prints and colors.

Use Pocket Diapers as Swim Diapers!

You can use some of your pocket diapers as swim diapers. Brands such as Happy Heinys and Rump-a-rooz advertise what great swim diapers their pocket diapers make.

When using a pocket diaper as a swim diaper, just take out the absorbent insert, adjust the size to one size smaller than your baby normally wears and you’re set to go.

The positive to using your pocket diapers as swim diapers is you don’t need to buy any extra diapers! However, I would take care to make sure that the manufacturer of the diaper doesn’t advise against using their diapers in this manner before proceeding.

Swim Diapers are Required!

When it comes to summer vacations, swimming is a must! When swimming in public areas, swim diapers are required, so my husband and I have chosen to continue the cloth route rather than wasting our money on swim diapers that will be used once before getting thrown away.

I guess a couple of disposable swim diapers wouldn’t make a huge hole in the environment or my wallet, but why make my vacation more expensive than it already is? And why add even a couple of diapers to our growing landfills? I see no reason to do either. That’s why I choose cloth!