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Up “Solids” creek, with our makeshift paddle…

Posted by CDB Guest on 2/11/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

So as a first time mother to the most magnificent 7 month old darling girl to walk Mother Nature’s beautiful earth, I made the executive decision (then informed my husband) that we would be using cloth diapers. His first reaction was “cloth WHAT?”, then he quickly reminded me of the time he “did the laundry” and turned my $145 white silk negligee blue… WOOPS! Needless to say, he was a bit skeptical at first, however he is now as big of an advocate as any other cloth diapering addict I know.

Obviously my next step was to go about my merry little way buying every single cutie patootie diaper that I could find and wanted to try, and I tried them ALL. Not only did I try every type of diaper (or so it seemed), but I also got wet bags, bottom balm, Snappis, pins, inserts, doublers, stay-dry liners, disposable liners, and every other possible accessory you can imagine. Want to take a wild guess as to which accessory I just couldn’t justify on top of all of the money I had already spent? …. A diaper sprayer :insert head bang here:.

In the heat of my newest passion/addiction in life, a diaper sprayer just seemed so frivolous, and after a few weeks of breast fed baby poo, I felt confident in my decision. Then came solids, and life changed as I knew it. I went from being the girl who couldn’t justify touching toilet water even when clean because “IT CAME FROM THE TOILET Y’ALL” to dunking, swishing, and gagging my way around a poopy diaper in a sea of waste… lovely. Of course, dear darling husband was not willing to take it to this level, and he would just throw the poopy diapers in the pail… big no-no in my book.

So one day, the hubby offered to change a rather fragrant diaper in lieu of helping me fold laundry, and I quickly obliged. He even went so far as to attempt to “clean up” the solidified mess left on the poor little prefold. I walk to the bathroom door and hear the dunk of solid matter, and as I am waiting for the swishing of toilet water and gagging that I only assumed would follow, I was shocked to hear nothing. Hubby dearest came out a moment later and dropped the mostly-cleaned off diaper into the pail… dry… and to my profound astonishment.

I had to ask how on earth he managed to accomplish such a feat, and he simply smiled and pointed me back into the direction of the bathroom, where I saw something like an old fashioned straight razor that he had picked up at a yard sale last weekend, covered in poop. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but the look of accomplishment on his face just made me chuckle. I had to give him credit for his creativity (however gross it may have been), for even trying, and for teaching me the importance of a paddle… no matter what creek you find yourself in.

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