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Up all night...and loving every minute

Posted by Stacey on 10/17/2012 to Mom Madness

I used to take the subject of babies sleeping VERY seriously. I had my older two close kids together (they are now six and four), so I celebrated them finally sleeping through the night. Sleeping for six straight hours felt like an eternity! Not only did I enjoy it, but in my 20s, just being able to say it felt so good. You know that other mom that asks the question "So, is he sleeping through the night" as if its information that you are required to give. If you dont know this mom, see also "so, is he/she potty trained yet" mom or "so, are you STILL breastfeeding" mom. Oh and if you say no, you get the look. The "oh, you let your child run your life" look. When I was a younger mom, I was sure that I would be happy as long as I was doing things right on schedule. Sleep through the night check!

Its funny how things change.

On any given night around 3AM you can find me cheerfully feeding my baby. Why am I cheerful? I am finally relishing in that time that is so often taken for granted. Those first few months that seems to go by in an instant. Magical things happen in the night and senses are heightened. Every squeak, coo and sigh melts my heart. If I could have those nights back with my older boys, there are so many things that I would soak up and try to remember forever. There are so many things I would tell them. Ok, I am actually laughing out loud now because I can't remember what it felt like to actually have them listen to me.

Let me clarify that I do not advocate postponing all-night sleeping. Sleep deprivation is ugly, especially when you are back at work (out of the home or at home with other kids). With my third baby, I'm just stopping and enjoying some of the little things that I rushed through with my first two kids.

One thing I have learned over the years is that there will be plenty of time to sleep one day.