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Unsure about Cloth Diapers?

Posted by CDB Guest on 7/20/2011 to Cloth vs. Disposables

There are so many reasons why families choose cloth diapers over throw-away diapers including, environmental, health and price reasons. But when you start your research to determine what is best for your family, you might be overwhelmed with all of the opinions and  research that exists out there on this topic.

For example, Tricia Henton is a director of environmental protection in London, England. She says, “There is no substantial difference between the environmental impacts of the three systems studied.”  On the other hand, some people say that Tricia’s diaper study is wrong. Even government agencies can’t agree on cloth diapers versus throw-away ones! Either way, parents need to begin looking for the answers to the diaper debate somewhere. The question is, with all of this information out there, where do you start?  Here are some ideas that may help:

●    Compare the prices of local cloth diapering services to buying disposable diapers. These prices change depending on your area and rise with the cost of fuel and raw materials. For example, if gas in your area rises to $5 per gallon, cloth diaper services charge more to meet their bottom line. On the other hand, low fuel prices and close proximity to a cloth diapers, diaper covers, and other necessities. According to, newborns can wet their diapers more than six times per day. The people of Cloth Planet suggest washing every other day to prevent bad smells. So you need at least six diapers, plus a few more in case your baby goes more often.

●    Consider the ease of use of cloth diapers over disposable ones. Cloth may be an easy choice for parents living in a house with no plans to move. A couple traveling the world with their baby faces a lot of problems and added expenses to wash diapers. Of course, this is an exception rather than the norm.

●    Ask your child's doctor what he thinks about using cloth diapers. According to Edward Christophersen, a clinical psychologist of Children's Mercy Hospital, some experts think using cloth diapers helps a child potty train. The general idea is that the child knows that she has wet and works harder to prevent it. Disposable diapers draw pee away from the child faster, often leaving the child feeling dry, which can be confusing.

●    Before deciding on a disposable diaper, look into what chemicals are used to increase its absorbancy. Researchers suspect that some absorbant chemicals put babies at risk for getting asthma. In boys, these chemicals might lower their sperm count later in life. Additionally, some babies just can’t tolerate chemical-laden products against their sensitive skin.

●    ...And don’t forget to sit down and talk to your partner.  Once you have some research infront of you, talk about what is important to each of you.  What do you each think will be best for your baby, each of you and overall, your whole family?

Just remember, this your baby and your family.  Do what feels right to you!