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Try that new diaper you've been drooling over! You've got nothing to lose.

Posted by Julie on 3/13/2011 to Getting Started

Take Advantage of our Cloth Diaper 30 Day Test Drive! Totally Risk Free!

Is there a new style or brand of diaper that you've just been dying to try? Perhaps you have a diapering method that works for you and you love the brands you already have, but you've had your eye on a new print or hot new brand?

Look no further! Diaper Junction has the answer to all your cloth diaper shopping woes. With out Try Cloth Diapers Risk-Free Program you can Test Drive that new diaper without worrying about it not fitting or not working like you'd hoped.

Each of the cloth diapers, cloth diaper packages, and cloth diaper kits listed on our Try Cloth Page are eligible for return within 30 days of receipt for your MONEY BACK if you are not completely satisfied.They are available for you to test drive absolutely RISK FREE.

Diapers included in our Risk Free Trial can be washed, used, tried and returned within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied. Our Return Policy Page Contains the complete details.