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Trimmer cloth diapering systems for boys

Posted by Bryana on 10/22/2007 to Cloth Diaper How-To

It is true that cloth diapers are traditionally bulkier than their disposable alternatives. With cloth diapers the absorbent inner core is not millions of tiny gel beads that can absorb 200 to 300 times their weight, but instead soft, natural, absorbent cotton fibers. That said, cloth diapers come in all shapes and sizes and today's cloth diapering tip is how to find a trimmer cloth diapering system for boys.

Why the concern for boys and trimness in a diaper? Well, boy babies have a tendency to be outfitted in pants and/or shorts and not sweet frilly dresses and bloomers. And though it is true that in the very first few months, babies spend a good deal of time in onesies, at some point you pull out the not-so-gender neutral clothing and want a cloth diapering system that will work with the clothes you choose, as opposed to choosing clothing that will work with your cloth diapers.

The first thing to consider is how much into convenience are you?
Are you opposed to using diaper pins or the efficient snappi diaper fastener to secure a prefolded cloth diaper on your baby? If that doesn't leave you running for the disposable diaper aisle, then take a gander at the cloth diaper fold called the Angel Fold; it calls for a snappi fastener and a trim wrap-style cloth diaper cover, like the very lightweight Bumkins diaper covers or the equally thin, but waterproof, Bummis Whisper Pant.

The Bumkins can also be used without diaper pins or the snappi fastener, but both accessories will create a smoother and taunter overall fit.

Make sure you purchase Prefold Diapers that fit your boy well, and if looking for trimness, try the 6-ply over the 8-ply. Trimness in your cloth diapering system will sacrifice a bit of absorption, but as with any baby, your son's diaper needs to be changed whether he wets a little or a lot, so super-absorbent properties truly are not only unnecessary, but unhygienic.

Uncertain about the prefolds and want something with a bit more form? Contour Diapers have the same hourglass shape as a disposable diaper or a fitted cloth diaper, but without the elastic that gathers at the leg and waist and the snaps or velcro closures. The contour diapers are easily layed into any wrap-style cover and though unnecessary, can also be secured with any style of diaper fasteners.

Willing to give up a tad bit of trimness for convenience?
Although fitted cloth diapers are a tad bulkier than the Chinese Prefolds and the Contour diapers mentioned above, they make up for their bulk with the convenience of securing around baby with snaps or velcro/Aplix closures, just like a disposable. Some fitted diapers are considerably trimmer than others. For instance, the Fitted Diaper worn with a Bummis Whisper Pant is only slightly less trim than the above contoured diaper option.

Avoid bulk at the waistline.
The overall idea is to avoid bulk at the waistline. Baby to Toddler pants are often elasticized at the waist, which adds bulk already. Go for a trimmer cloth diaper cover, like a lightweight pull-on cover, seen pulled on over a fitted diaper here, and/or a side snapping or even lightweight front closing wrap, and it'll fair better under pants than any kind of fleece diaper cover, All In One or Pocket style cloth diapers.

Confused at all? Contact us and we'll customize a cloth diapering system just for you and your son's needs.