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Trash Talk

Posted by Stacey on 10/24/2012 to Green Living

I'm no environmental saint, but I can't help but laugh when people are amazed that I use cloth diapers. Have we gotten so consumed by our disposable lifestyle that the idea of washing and reusing something is so mind blowing? Imagine if everyone used nothing but plastic dishes, cups and serving utensils. Imagine if we threw everything away after one use. That would just be absurd! There are several opinions about who started the generation of waste. Was it the innovative baby boomers in the 1960s or the well-to-do yuppies in the early 1980s? Maybe both. Regardless of who started the obsession with one-time use items, we and our kids and grandkids will pay the ever-inflating price.

I have an idea for people who thing think disposable diapers aren't impacting the environment? Start throwing them in the backyard instead of the trash. I bet it won't take long for THAT impact to become evident. Still not convinced? Start throwing underwear away every day. Won't take long to realize how expensive that is!

I'll be honest. I'm not cloth diapering to save the world. I'm doing it for several reasons but one is to set an example for my kids, who know nothing other than a disposable world. There are so many environmental factors that are out of our control. This is why it's so important to be responsible with the aspects that we do control. We might not make a difference in our lifetime but we are setting examples for our children and generations to come.