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Top 5 Reasons I hate disposable diapers!

Posted by Bryana on 8/1/2011 to Cloth vs. Disposables

I hate disposable diapers. Most people who know me would think its because Im such a huge cloth diaper advocate, but thats not the case. I understand that cloth diapering isnt for everyone and that using cloth diapers full time is not always an option even for people who wish they could. I hate disposable diapers because I think their gross. Why?

  1. They stink. When my daughter urinates in her cloth diapers, there is a urine smell, for sure, but its well contained within the PUL or wool, so not only is the stink less noticeable, but its simply urine or poop and nothing else. But when a baby poops or pees in a disposable diaper, the scent is more than just the baby waste, it smells almost chemical and it smells S-T-R-O-N-G! Now Ill give you this, that if you pit a clean cloth diaper versus a clean disposable the disposable certainly gives off a better aroma because the cloth diaper doesnt have any fragrances. But once theyre dirty, no amount of pretty scents can disguise the fact that a disposable diaper is just nasty. Its terrible, but I normally gag when I have to change a disposable diaper because the scent is just so strong! At first I thought it was simply because it wasnt my baby, but Ive never gagged when changing another babys cloth diaper so now Im certain its the diaper.
  2. Theyre more likely to stay on a baby for longer. It seems to be a rule that you dont change a disposable diaper until its full and nearly bursting at the seams. I dont know why that is so. When my daughter was born and wore sposies for a month or so, I always changed the diaper as soon as I saw the green line indicating that it was wet or as soon as I could feel the absorbent layers had turned to gel. I didnt want her to sit in a dirty diaper for that long. Granted, though, I never had to shell out any money for my disposables, I was able to get to using cloth diapers full time without ever finishing my disposable stash from my bay showers so I dont understand what it is to have to budget them from week to week. I really shouldnt judge. In any case, I get grossed out when I pick up a baby and feel a bulging plastic diaper full of gooey, urine soaked gel.
  3. Theyre noisy. Now, this may be a pro for some people. I guess if your baby always wears disposables then you always know where they are by the crunchy, crinkly noises that follow them wherever they go. But I just dont like it. I mean, if I really must know where my daughter is at all times, I could always attach some wrist rattles to her hands and feet. That, or make sure I always have a visual.
  4. Theyre garbage. It doesnt matter how many pictures of Dora or Winnie the Pooh theyre covered with, theres no getting around the fact that you buy a disposable diaper to throw it away. My trash smells badly enough without having to add diapers to it, so Im happy to wash the poop and pee out of my diapers rather than storing it in plastic bags to stink up my babys room or the garage until we have time to take it to the dump. Besides, I dont like the idea of my daughter wearing garbage. *shudders*
  5. Theyre harsh. Unfortunately, the chemicals it takes to make most disposable diapers absorbent and fragrant are just too harsh for my daughters skin. Those first few weeks in her Pampers Swaddlers, I never noticed a rash, but once she was older and started getting rashes with her cloth diapers, I made the mistake of using a disposable diaper on her so I could lather her with rash cream and it only made the problem worse. Her skin just wasnt made to absorb so many foreign chemicals. Now, I stick to cloth diapers and let the rashes work themselves away naturally with soft cotton or bamboo fibers against her skin.

Im not saying all this to judge anyone who uses disposable diapers. I fully understand the time commitment invested when you choose to go with cloth diapers and I realize that not everyone can give that. I also realize that being able to change a diaper and then just throw it away is freeing for some people. If you are one of those people, dont worry, I think youre a great mom and that youre doing the best you can for your babies. But personally, I have decided that I will never again let a nasty, chemical ridden, plastic diaper touch my babys soft skin. Personally Ive made the decision never to put a single penny of my hard earned money into garbage.