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Tips for packing a "Cloth" Diaper Bag!

Posted by CDB Guest on 8/14/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

You are daring to leave the house with your cloth diaper baby…….what do you really need to pack in that diaper bag.  It is overwhelming to think of being away from everything we think we need for our baby.  No one wants to be away from home and not have something that their baby needs, but we can’t pack everything in that on-the-go bag.

It is called a diaper bag for a reason.  You can’t leave the house without those trusty cloth diapers. I like to pack at least 6 cloth diapers. I pack 3 diaper covers and 6 prefold diaper inserts. If I were to use pocket diapers I would pack at least 4 diapers for a normal couple hour trip outside the home. I use cloth wipes and I make sure I have a good stash of them in a reusable travel wipe container. I just use the one that I bought with disposable wipes and fill it with my wet cloth wipes.

Many people love the changing pad that comes with most diaper bags, but to save room I take that out and just use a receiving blanket. So we have diapers, wipes, and something to change the baby on, but what to do with those diapers now that they are soiled. A handy wet bag works wonders. I use a kushies wet bag that does not wick moisture out and does a superb job of holding in odors. A small wet bag will easily hold 6 prefold inserts or 4 pocket diapers. They come in pull string and even zippered bags. Make sure it has moisture control so look for a wet bag that does not wick.  Just toss in your soiled diaper, close it up, toss it back in the diaper bag and away you go again.

Depending on the age of your baby your needs will change. I currently cloth diaper two children and I carry 2 covers and 4 prefolds for my two year old, the 6 diapers for my 4 month old, wipes, snack cup, juice cup, nursing cover, 2 spit cloths, receiving blanket, a few toys for baby, a mei tai wrap and some small items like nail clippers and teething tablets. I always carry an extra outfit for both kids- you just never know what may happen while you are out. You may need something for diaper rash or some other need your baby requires.

It can be daunting thinking about leaving home with baby but when it comes down to it you really only need food, clothes, and diapers. Your baby really can survive without all the trimmings of home and so can you.