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Tips for becoming a successful Diaper Junction Affiliate!

Posted by Julie on 8/13/2011 to Affiliate Program

You already talk about cloth diapers, why not get paid to do it!

Sure, virtually every site you visit or shop at has an Affiliate Marketing program.  Some are easier than others to use, some have a really complicated sign up and the dividends you earn vary from store to store.  Have you checked out our Diaper Junction Affiliate program lately?  It's a great way to earn cash that you can use to purchase more cloth diapers and accessories from Diaper Junction, or you can request to get paid via paypal!  The more seriously you take it, the more you can earn!

Earn 5% Commission!

When you join the Diaper Junction Affiliate Program you earn a 5% Commission on ANY and ALL completed sales when you refer friends, family members, website or blog visitors to our online cloth diaper store.

Once you join the Diaper Junction affiliate program, we provide a few different referrer codes and graphics for you to choose from; copy and paste any of these into your website, blog, e-newsletters, forum signatures, or even an email signature line. These cloth diaper referral links will automatically (we like to say auto-MAGICALLY) track any and all sales originating from that link.

When logged into your Diaper Junction account you will get immediate notification when an order has processed from any of your cloth diaper referral links. Commissions are paid either in cash or store credit upon request once your affiliate account reaches $10.00 or more!  *You can not shop through your own links, but you can still earn points on your own orders which are redeemable for Stash Cash!

So what are my handy-dandy tips for being a successful Affiliate?

  • Get your Affiliate link out there! If you're blogging about how much you love XYZ cloth diaper or talking about why you decided to use cloth, then place your affiliate link throughout the post.  Mention "cloth diaper" -link to it!  Mention "bumgenius" -link to it!  Mention "accessories" or "diaper sprayer" or "baby wearing" -link to it! Remember, you're content is going to show up in google search results, not just to your readers.  The more you mention keywords, the better off you are.
  • It's not just about the Affiliate banners! We love our banners and would love for you to place them on your sites and blogs but that's not all there is to becoming a success at Affiliate marketing.  Remember to get your link out there, find yourself giving someone a recommendation, give them your link to shop.
  • You can disguise your link! You may or may not want to let people know you're providing them your Affiliate link.  If you want to disguise it then you can use or similar sites to generate a random or custom url for you to use.
  • Tweet about it! Diaper Junction has a new D3 Deal of the Day and lots of other great sales and promotions!  Keep up with us on FaceBook and when you see a new sale or discount code, send out some tweets about it and provide your Affiliate link.  This technique works great!  Chances are that those reading WILL take advantage of the sale and you'll be earning cash every time they do!
  • FaceBook! Same as with tweeting, if you're raving about the new XYZ cloth diaper that you just love, why not provide your Affiliate link so that fans can see what you're talking about!  You can also advertise a sale or discount code via FaceBook as well, and provide your link!
  • Ask! Tell your friends and fans that you're "working" as an Affiliate, earning an income and ask friends, family and readers to shop through your link!  Often those friends and fans shop here anyhow and would love to support you.  In fact sometimes you can work out a deal, you shop through their Affiliate links when you can and they shop through yours!  This works perfectly and you'll be on the fast track to earning cash!
So, these are some basics.  Treat your Affiliate Account like a job.  Every time someone shops through your link you'll get an email letting you know that your hard work is paying off.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up to become a Diaper Junction Affiliate today!