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This time around I am going to cloth diaper my newborn!

Posted by Bert on 10/24/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
Last week I told you all how I'm pregnant with baby #3. This week I'm going to tell you how excited I am to use newborn cloth diapers cloth diapers from the very beginning of this babe's life.

That's right; for the last two babies I have used disposable diapers up until two months of age. My reason for doing this was ease for myself. As a first time mom I wanted to succeed at cloth diapering so I figured that those first few months would be the busiest time and the biggest adjustment period. When I had my second baby I simply repeated what I had done with my first because, to be honest, my firstborn was a challenging newborn. Now, with this babe I'm more confident in both my ability to be a mother and my knowledge and experience using cloth diapers.

For my newborn stash here's what I plan on using:

Prefolds and covers - In my research I know that a newborn stash should consist of 24 - 36 diapers because of the frequency that a newborn needs to be changed. The most cost effective way to do this is by using prefold diapers. There's nothing to be scared of with prefolds. There are tons of video tutorials out there on how to fold them and so many covers allow for a trifold that's pretty foolproof when you're in a hurry.

Newborn size "daycare" friendly diapers - I like to say daycare friendly instead of daddy friendly because I want to give my hubby the benefit of the doubt in his ability to use cloth diapers on our kids. You get my drift though. I think of that 24 - 36 diaper stash ten of those diapers should be non-cloth diaper user friendly for anyone who may be around to help you with baby while you're recovering from delivery. The Lil Joey Diapers and Blueberry have both received rave reviews from my little sister. She used cloth diapers on her first born son from the very beginning.

Or...Let Diaper Junction take the guess work away from me with the newborn sample package! - I love that Diaper Junction has put together a package of newborn cloth diapering essentials. They're the experts after all. Why not just let them do their job for me? I can try out a few of the different kinds of diapers and then order more from there.

So what would you suggest are some must haves for newborn cloth diapering?