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The fast, efficient, and economical cloth diaper fold

Posted by Bryana on 10/8/2007 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Most of the time when I see the words "fast", "efficient" and "economical" grouped together it brings to mind preservative ridden fast food restaurants or low-quality dollar stores.

That is why I LOVE the cloth diaper fold known as the Angel Fold. It is fast and efficient to put on baby, as well as economical. The Angel Fold utilizes diaper service quality cloth diapering products that will hold up over time through subsequent babies. You would be hard pressed to find a better deal.

Don't believe me? Let's look at the ingredients for a single diaper change using the Angel Fold.

Even though these can be purchased as singles, they also come in a prefold diaper package deal for even more savings.

Why is the Angel Fold so fast and efficient?

The use of the cloth diaper wrap is the primary reason the Angel Fold is such a fast method of cloth diapering. If you look at the cloth diaper folding technique, you can see the prefold is literally "wrapped" into the waterproof core of the diaper cover so it can easily snug up against baby's contours and secure comfortably, keeping messes contained. This wrap is secured using wings strategically placed at the upper left and right sides of the cover's back side. The wings wrap around, holding the prefold in place against baby's skin, and securing on the front panel that draws up between the legs. Basically, the whole of it works like a disposable, just more comfortable, natural and absorbent for baby.

Cloth diaper wraps with velcro or Aplix tabs allow for a lot more adjustability for a growing child's waist and thighs; it can be tightened or loosened in seconds. This makes for a very efficient cloth diapering system as it will be worn much longer than a system with covers that snap or use another form of predetermined size constraints.