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The Cloth Diaper Craze

Posted by Bryana on 12/14/2013 to Cloth Diaper News
Ask your grandma about raising children back in her day and she will most likely bring up the cloth diaper. Of course, back then, this was the norm and having to clean diapers and pin and unpin them to babies all day long, was the only option. Many women can't imagine having to "dump" diapers and clean something someone had soiled all of the time. The sad thing is that many women don't take the time to research costs, effects and what it is really like to use cloth diapers. So what are some of the top reasons to even try cloth diapers?

Chemicals - Many of the chemicals used to make disposable diapers are not ones that you want your child exposed to. "It was found that xylene and ethyl benzene were given off by certain diapers, chemicals that are suspected endocrine, neurological and respiratory toxins; along with styrene, a chemical linked to cancer and isopropylene, a neurotoxin." This is terrifying. Obviously, a problem that cloth diapers don't come with, for this reason alone, it is worth trying cloth diapers.

Rashes - Many rashes that babies get could be linked to the chemicals used in disposable diapers. Babies skin is already sensitive, so anything that can irritate it, will.

Money - There is indisputable proof that you will save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by using cloth diapers. The money saved by using cloth makes them worth at least trying, with all of the countless expenses that come with having a baby, from delivery to college, every dime is crucial to save.

Environment - Finally, leaving a tiny carbon footprint these days is not only admirable, but something that all parents should strive for. On average, for one child, at 6 diaper changes a day for two and a half years, amounts to almost 5,500 diapers piled up in a land fill. We all want to leave our kids with a clean planet and using cloth diapers is a huge step in achieving that goal.