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TWENTY great uses for Coconut Oil

Posted by Julie on 8/28/2014 to Green Living

Coconut Oil and it's MANY uses

The use of coconut oil has become a popular trend in the health food and medical industry over the last few years. Derived, as you would imagine, from mature coconuts, this so-called “miracle coconut oilcure-all” is high in saturated fat but does not contain cholesterol. Reported health benefits from consuming coconut oil are widespread: from curing heart disease to increasing energy to promoting weight loss. However, the health benefits of coconut oil extend far beyond ingestion. Here are 20 ideas for using coconut oil outside your body that can benefit your health and well-being too!

Twenty Uses for Coconut Oil

1. Deep condition your hair – apply liberally and leave on as long as overnight for maximum benefits, shampoo twice to remove excess oil, also helps treat and prevent dandruff by moisturizing the scalp

2. Use as shave cream – use in place of traditional shave creams that are full of chemicals, works great and leaves skin soft and smooth, also perfect as an after-shave treatment

3. Use as a body and facial moisturizer – apply to dry skin as an all-natural moisturizer

4. Remove eye make-up – breaks down make-up residue without chemicals and leaves skin refreshed

5. First aid for minor scrapes, cuts, or burns – studies suggest it may promote faster healing and it’s antibacterial properties prevent infection

6. Prevent/treat scars and stretch marks – use coconut oil to promote healing and prevent scarring/stretch marks, the antioxidant properties of coconut oil can also be used to reduce the appearance of existing scars and stretch marks

7. Treat athlete’s foot, yeast infections, or ringworm – coconut oil’s antifungal properties make it a great alternative treatment for these infections

8. Replace traditional lip balm – use regularly to keep lips hydrated and prevent chapping

9. Treat cradle cap – gently apply with a soft brush to loosen flakes and moisturize dray scalps

10. Reduce the appearance of age spots or skin discolorations – coconut oil also contains antioxidants that over time, can diminish skin blemishes

11. Use as a natural deodorant – either in combination with other ingredient or by itself, take advantage of coconut oil’s antibacterial benefits as well as its pleasant smell

12. Soothe sunburn – applied at least 24 hours after a sunburn appears, coconut oil can speed healing and reduce discomfort

13. Treat canker sores and cold sores – treat infections and speed up healing by applying coconut oil as needed

14. Relieve sore, cracked nipples – apply before or after nursing to promote healing and soothe dry skin

15. Treat and prevent acne – coconut oil has antibacterial properties that can gently fight the bacteria that causes acne and prevent it from recurring

16. Alleviate itches – apply to insect bites, poison ivy, or even chicken pox to speed up healing and ease the itch

17. Replace your diaper rash cream – promote healing of mild diaper rash with coconut oil’s antimicrobial and antifungal properties

18. Soothe and treat psoriasis or eczema – reduce the itch and stimulate healing

19. Oil pulling – promote gum health, prevent gingivitis, and fight bad breath by swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil for about 20 minutes before brushing teeth

20. Use as an all-natural massage oil – smells great and moisturizes skin

These are only a few of the many, many uses for coconut oil. How do you use coconut oil around your house?

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Ashley Seymour
Date: 8/28/2014
I had no idea you could use coconut oil for so many things! :-)
Mesha C
Date: 8/28/2014
I love the many uses of Coconut oil food/body/ home remedies, etc.
Date: 8/29/2014
Thanks! Learned a couple more uses!
Erin B.
Date: 8/29/2014
I love coconut oil!! I use it for many of the things listed above but there are also some new ones I am excited to try!
Date: 8/29/2014
I love coconut oil! I use it all the time for everything! Cooking, hair conditioner, shaving cream, diaper rash cream! Love, love LOVE it!
Sarah Mahoney
Date: 8/29/2014
love love love this ... going to try it out on cradle cap
Bianca Munoz
Date: 8/29/2014
We love our coconut oil! Use out for everything!
Ashley Wilson
Date: 8/29/2014
We use it for moisturizing, diaper cream, yeast reliever, and in the kitchen!
Date: 8/29/2014
I never knew coconut oil was good for dry scalp! Currently use it for diaper cream for cloth diapers.
Date: 8/29/2014
I've used it as a shave cream, and it works great for that, BUT then it's hard to get the coconut oil out of the razor (like between the blades).
Elizabeth Welk
Date: 8/30/2014
We use it in our wipe well as for any time his circ. area becomes inflamed. Works amazingly.
Shilo Wheatley
Date: 8/30/2014
I LOVE Coconut oil! I have seriously used it for all of the above plus cooking! I keep a jar in my bathroom and a jar in my kitchen!
Maria MariAnn Ulloa
Date: 9/1/2014
I love coconut oil :)
Andrea Slagle
Date: 9/3/2014
This is a great list! I have been wanting to try coconut oil. I need to go get some.
Lee dixon
Date: 9/4/2014
Okay that's it. I have to try coconut oil. So much I didn't know but now I do!
Amber Cherne
Date: 9/4/2014
Thanks for this! I learned some new uses for Coconut Oil!
Date: 9/5/2014
Great info!
Alayne Langford
Date: 9/5/2014
I knew coconut oil was the latest, but I never realized it had so many uses! You can also take a tsp of coconut oil (edible) every day, it is very good for the body!! :)
Jennifer Harrell
Date: 9/5/2014
Coconut Oil is such a handy thing to have around!
Date: 9/6/2014
I love mixing coconut with a little beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter for a balm I used on everything from dry cracked heals to a baby's bum.
Date: 9/8/2014
I haven't tried it yet but I keep getting closer!
Date: 9/11/2014
Great, extensive list. A lot of the list contained things I wasn't aware of! I am still in the middle of attempting to make my own deodorant with coconut oil!
Aunna Gill
Date: 9/17/2014
I love coconut oil more and more every day. It has helped my daughter's bug bites heal quickly and stop itching.
Abby Delcamp
Date: 9/17/2014
This is why I buy coconut oil in LARGE quantities. =)
Tiffany Leigh
Date: 9/19/2014
I've used coconut oil for some things but now I have more uses to try!
Tiffany Leigh
Date: 9/19/2014
I've used coconut oil for some things but now I have more uses to try!
lauren tarnowicz
Date: 9/19/2014
So Many Uses that I have never heard of. Thanks!!!
Kara Christopher
Date: 9/21/2014
After reading this I feel like I need to go back to Costco today and buy a large container of coconut oil and then purge other items from my house that can be replaced with coconut oil!!!
Date: 10/17/2014
Lots of great uses! But in regards to #9, my LO had some sort of chemical reaction to the coconut oil, and his head smelled like vomit for about a week afterwards! Any idea why?
Laura Lajara
Date: 11/2/2014
I love coconut oil! The fact that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties is such a plus for me. I recently put about 1/4'' worth of coconut oil into a deoderant spray and it is keeping me smelling naturally clean and fresh! Great list of uses!
Kellie Davis
Date: 11/9/2014
Oh I love coconut oil! ! This is awesome! Thanks! :)
Sarah Hayes
Date: 1/8/2015
great list! I love using CO for so many things
courtney jewer
Date: 1/10/2015
I just went and bought a jar of this last week, and have been using it on baby's bum.... really love this list of other ways I can be using it! thank you!!
Theresa Hover
Date: 1/20/2015
I love that coconut oil has so many uses. I use it for soap making and also for sugar scrubs.
Sarah Elyce
Date: 4/17/2015
I love coconut oil and its many uses! :)
Danielle Gephart
Date: 5/4/2015
I LOVE coconut oil and am so happy to hear about uses I've never thought of! Thanks!
Jilliann M
Date: 7/31/2015
Love coconut oil. So many great uses!

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