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TOP 5 Reasons to TRY Wool for Cloth Diapering!

Posted by Julie on 11/10/2014 to Cloth Diaper How-To
reasons to try wool

Need a reason to try wool? Here's FIVE!

1. Superior leak protection

Wool is a natural, breathable fiber that is the perfect compliment to cloth diapers. The outside fibers of a wool cover repel wetness while the inside fibers attract it, which means when worn over a cloth diaper such as a fitted or prefold, the outside of the wool stays dry (as do your child’s clothes and bedding) while the wetness inside is directed back to the diaper where it should be. Wool can also absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet.


2. Durability

The chemical composition of wool lends itself to being a very durable and strong fiber. A wool fiber can be bent 20,000 times before it breaks as compared to about 3,000 times for a cotton fiber, and its natural elasticity allows it to stretch up to 50% when wet and 30% when dry (http://www.woolsports.com/wool-info/benefits-of-wool/). Wool maintains its shape well with proper care and since it has a natural stretch, it resists tears.

3. Comfort

wool When most people think of wool, they think, scratchy and uncomfortable. Wool that is used for cloth diapering comes in two main forms – interlock and knitted, both of which, when made from high quality wool (most often, Merino wool), are as soft as any cotton product. Everyone knows that wool is a great insulator, but did you know that wool can also keep you cool? Moisture evaporates from wool almost as soon as it becomes wet, creating a cooling effect. And by keeping the skin cool and dry, the occurrence of heat rash is reduced.

4. Renewable and biodegradable resource

A renewable resource is one that can be replenished over time by a naturally-occurring process. Wool is procured from sheep and obviously, over time, that wool grows back and can be sheared again. Not only is wool a renewable resource but it is a biodegradable one as well. Once soakers, longies, and shorties have become unusable due to wear and tear (which takes a while, see #2!) and reach a landfill, they will biodegrade and actually act as a fertilizer. Wool is not only good for your baby; it is good for the Earth.

5. Easy to find and/or upcycle

Interlock and knitted wool products can be found at most major online cloth diaper retailers. There are even large online communities dedicated to various brands of woolies. But those aren’t your only options! Upcycled wool is a great alternative; typically less expensive that other types of woolies and also easy to DIY! Numerous tutorials can be found online if you possess basic sewing skills and a wool sweater, easily found at thrift shops or in your own closet! Websites such as etsy.com are also full of upcycled woolies sellers.

Why did YOU choose wool?


Date 11/11/2014
I would love to try wool, even though I have to admit that I am one of those folks that think of wool as scratchy and uncomfortable. Can't say anything until I try it!
Date 11/12/2014
judith martinez
I really wish I'd brought my wool with me on this trip. My 2 yr. old has suddenly turned into a super soaker at night and those wool covers would have come in handy.
Date 11/13/2014
I have one wool diaper that I won. I heard they are great, but I find them to be expensive!!! If they are great overnight, I would totally buy one or two more. Thank you!!
Date 11/14/2014
Gladys Aguilar
Would try if cotton doesnt hold my babys wetness
Date 11/14/2014
Wool is awesome! I love my covers with my son, and can't wait to get my daighter in some, just have to find and unpack them after this move!
Date 11/14/2014
Maybe I will give it a try. I'm always nervous to buy expensive things and then mess them up!
Date 11/15/2014
Brittiny Kirkpatrick
I agree with the scratch ideas. I would really like to try an upcycle wool before I put money to expensive brands. Thanks for this post!
Date 11/16/2014
Andrea Slagle
I have not tried wool yet, as I'm pregnant with my first child, but as I've been seeing, it's great for night-time!
Date 11/16/2014
Nichole Banks
My mom loves to crotchet so I'm commissioning her to make Mina a few! I'm also going to be thrift store shopping for a bunch of wool sweaters which I'll be felting, lanolizing and sewing into covers for the cold winter here in the mitten. Plus I hand wash all my cloth diapers and the wool cover would be super easy to wash :3
Date 11/16/2014
marie garrett
i would love to get some wool. one day lol gotta have some disposible income :P
Date 11/16/2014
I love love love woolies! I started finding wool sweaters from thrift stores and making my own!
Date 11/16/2014
I love love love woolies! I started finding wool sweaters from thrift stores and making my own!
Date 11/17/2014
Are there any good sites for make-your-own wool covers?
Date 11/20/2014
Shannon Xenos
Well this gives me hope that it won't be too hard lol. I have a couple wool covers but I've been scared to try them so far
Date 11/21/2014
I've always been intimated by wool, but this makes me want to give it a try! Thanks for the tips!
Date 11/21/2014
As a child, I wore wool socks, mittens and scarfs, (probably as a baby, diapers), so I know wool is very absorbant. Would love to win for my grandson.
Date 11/21/2014
I really need to try wool, as we are in sposies at night are still getting terrible leaks. Sounds like wool might help solve our problem!
Date 11/21/2014
Deana howell
After I get used to doing regular covers I am going attempt to do wool. I don't know why but its itemidating to me.
Date 11/22/2014
I really would love to try wool for overnight once my little gets a bit bigger. For now, my overnight solution works.
Date 11/23/2014
Mesha C.
I want to try wool but I am worried about the comfort level on a small baby.
Date 11/23/2014
Melissa S
I'm interested to try wool, but need to find upcycled products because I don't want to spend $30-40 on a soaker. Hoping wool could help us get back into cloth at night.
Date 11/30/2014
Peta-Gaye Daniel
This is interesting, especially to go along with the nighttime diapering routine I'm considering... however, I am concerned about having to lanolize the wool. May do it though.
Date 12/1/2014
I thinks I am just too comfortable with my pockets and that is why I haven't tried wool but would like to after reading this post.
Date 12/3/2014
Maggie M.
I want to try wool. I'm too cheap so I haven't bought any yet. I'm a little intimidated by it too.
Date 12/3/2014
holly gosser
I want to try wool, but it just seems very daunting to me. I'm afraid that I won't take care of it correctly and mess it up!
Date 12/3/2014
holly gosser
Maggie, my thoughts exactly!
Date 1/15/2015
Candice Balser
Thank you for the 5 reasons to use wool. I didn't know these. It makes me want to look into wool more.
Date 1/26/2015
Theresa Hover
I would like to try wool, but I'm not sure I could convince my husband they are waterproof. Are they hard to pull them on and off since they don't have a snap closure?
Date 4/29/2015
katie m
I need to invest in some wool, I've read some great reviews about using wool.
Date 7/15/2015
Mary Schuh
We love using wool and fitteds on both our kiddos; they work well for my 2.5 year old and 6 month old.
Date 8/6/2015
Jilliann M
I don't know why but wool still makes me nervous! Even though everyone who uses it seems to love it!

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