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So many options; Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable Diapers.

Posted by Becca on 6/4/2012 to Cloth vs. Disposables
I'm no disposable diapering expert, but from what little observation I make of the cluttered shelves in the baby aisles of my local grocery and super stores, it seems that you have only a couple of options when it comes to disposable diapers expensive, more expensive, and most expensive. Of course, there seem to be very slight variations from one brand to another. I remember how soft the Pampers Swaddlers were on my newborn and how Huggies had a nice snug elastic in the waist to keep that newborn poop from spilling everywhere, but honestly, when it came to reliability in diapering my daughter, neither brand was up to the task. Cloth diapers were always the hands down winner in the few weeks of my daughters life that I actually used disposable diapers.

So how do the options compare?

When it comes to cloth, the prefold or flat diapers, which are very absorbent and great for any body type and skin. With a little folding, you can customize these diapers to easily fit your baby's absorbency needs and size. And they're great on your wallet. At $1-$3 a diaper, you're not going to find a cheaper cloth diapering system.

Fitted diapers are wonderful if you want great leak protection. With a cover or without, they're a gentle option against your baby's skin and come in so many different options of fabrics that the options seem limitless. Again, this is a great option for babies with sensitive skin because you can always find a diaper that is gentle enough for any allergies.

Pocket diapers are very customizable when it comes to the type and amount of absorbency you need and they are super easy with Velcro or snaps on the closures and only one piece to put on your baby.

All In One diapers are even easier than pockets because there is no stuffing involved. Just wash, and go!

My favorite cloth diapering option is wool. Coupled with cotton, hemp, or bamboo wool makes a perfectly gentle and all natural diapering option for all seasons! Warm in the winter and breathable in the summer you just cant go wrong when you put all natural fibers against your baby's precious skin.

Of course if you like the idea of cloth diapers but aren't ready to make a total switch, theres always the hybrid option. Cloth diapers with disposable inserts are called hybrids and are great for cutting down on some waste while still giving you the ease of a throw-away diaper. If you're interested in hybrids, I suggest you check out gDiapers, Flip diapers, or GroVia. If you use them and the idea of switching to all cloth all the time appeals to you, they have cloth inserts as well as disposable ones.

I guess my point in saying all this is to bring to your attention this one, simple fact: cloth diapers are extremely versatile and diverse and you will most certainly be able to find a diapering system that suits your lifestyle!

You cant say the same for paper diapers.