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So Much Stuff! The Mother of all Baby Stuff

Posted by Stacey on 11/6/2012 to Cloth Diaper Accessories

I'm a mom and I have too much baby stuff. There, I said it. Just in the 4 years since my last baby, they have come up with SO many new things! Let's make one thing clear, I'm not talking about cloth diapers. I am not talking about my diaper stash and accessories. Those are necessities!

I am talking about all of the OTHER stuff. Like wrist rattles and pacifier wipes! Really? When did someone decide that babies needed to have their pacifiers wiped with...a wipe? Where did all this baby crap come from? Here is my personal top 5 list of MUST HAVES for my baby. The other stuff is cute, but just not neccesary. I want to know your must-haves too....because there might be something that I haven't heard of yet!

1. Video Baby Monitor - When I first started having kids, these things were super expensive. Now, they are more afforable, come with night vision and you can control the camera. It's like full baby recon! As much as I try to wear my baby, there are times when I have to put her down. I have other kids in the house that could be doing a number of scary things to this baby, like feeding her peanuts! I love my video baby monitor for this reason and use it every day. When the baby is with me and her older brothers are upstairs playing, I move it to their room and spy on them. Then, I really know who through the first punch in the death match du jour. Priceless. Worth every red cent.

2. The Sling/baby wearing device. I have had my sling since my first son was born and it's priceless. Babies need sensory input and studies show that earing your baby helps satisfy that need. Bottom line: you can accomplish so much when you are able to have your baby close. Check out the baby wearing options on the Diaper Junction website!

3. Baby Scale - this is a must-have for nursing moms! No more dragging to the pediatrician's office to make sure that your baby is gaining weight. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that weight gain is the best way to measure breastfed baby milk intake. It is so nice to be able to weigh your baby in your own home and then make adjustments if you feel concerned. It's empowering and it made me feel better just to know that I could weigh my own babies and monitor their growth. Diaper Junction sells these - visit the website to purchase!

4. Nipple Butter or lanolin-free nipple cream - We've covered this but I will reiterate. Breastfeeding hurts and no matter how many kids you have had, those first few weeks will do a number on your nipples. Nipple butter is all natural and can proctect you from the horrible conditions that could compromise your breastfeeding efforts. Lanolin ointments are ok but since Lanolin comes from sheep wool, there is concern about potential risks from pesticides and other nasty stuff. As always, we want you to do your research and then decide what is best for you! Diaper Junction has a great nipple butter. Check out the breastfeeding section of the website!

5. Baby-in-sight mirror for the car. Let's face it baby-in-sight = peace-of-mind. Nothing crazy is going to happen but just being able to glance back at your baby is so comforting! My little 5 week old was screaming on the way home from a dr. appt and I looked back and saw that her hat had slid down over her eyes. I pulled over, took off the hat and she was fine. Sometimes, it's the little things like this that save your sanity!

What are your top 5 baby must-haves?