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Sitters chose disposables over cloth diapers?

Posted by CDB Guest on 4/30/2007 to Cloth vs. Disposables

Sitters chose disposables over cloth diapers?Are you familiar at all with the National Association of Diaper Services? If not, check out their link - specifically, their directory of cloth diaper services across the United States. Not everyone wants to care for their child's cloth diapers in their home - we understand that. Our goal is to promote the use of cloth diapers over disposable diapers and, hopefully, run a successful family business in the meantime. However, we understand that not everyone is within our reach - and for those that aren't - we want options available.

While revisiting NADS' directory I came across Mother Nature's Diaper Service, most specifically their take regarding the "straight scoop" on cloth diapers found here: The Poop on Diapers.

Question: Why do so many "sitters" require the mass-marketed, chemically-laden disposables?

Answer: They can leave the diaper, and it's contents, on your child longer. Sure your child can "output" an extra time or two, but then s/he has to "sit in it". It's just easier for the sitter. Require regular changes for your child's health!!

Now understand that I recognize they didn't likely poll the sitter "base" in their town to gather this answer, but when I chew on it a while it doesn't seem far from the truth at all. In fact, it does rather seem like it'd be the straight scoop.

HOW do companies advertise their diapers? They advertise super-absorbency. WHY do companies advertise super-absorbency? So parents can use less diapers with less leaks.

WHAT does it mean to use less diapers? It means that diapers are on baby for longer periods of time.

SO WHY THEN would a sitter, watching multiple children perhaps, desire a baby to be wearing anything other than a time-saving, absorbent, paper bundle of trapped (but not leaking) urine? Okay, so I'm taking a bit of "lead" on that one ... but do you see where this is going?

Is health considered? Do adults choose to waste in their underwear and leave it there for hours? Of course not. We don't want to smell. We don't want a rash. We want to feel dry. It would be considered inappropriate - which is why adult diapers like Depend have to work so hard to overcome such a stigma.

And yet, we allow our babies to sit in their urine for hours just because a disposable will allow for it? WE should not allow for it.

Let's see if I can wrap this one up. If convenience is a factor - get a diaper service. If absorbency is a factor, change your baby's diaper more often. If your sitter is a factor ... CHANGE SITTERS or educate them on the benefits of cloth diapers. And? Don't compromise for your child where you would never compromise for yourself.