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Second Look: Travel and Swim Cloth Diaper Tips

Posted by Julie on 4/13/2013 to Traveling with Cloth

This week we're all about swim and travel! We've got a great sale going on through April 15th so it's a great time to learn more about swim and travel cloth diaper tips!

Take a Second Look at some of the great Swim & Travel posts we've got on our Cloth Diaper Blog!

Traveling with Cloth Diapers Becca shares her Tips for Traveling with Cloth Diapers and fills you in on all you need to bring as well as provides you with tips and things to consider that you may not be thinking about.

What to pack in your Diaper Bag! Sippy Cups, snacks, extra baggies, a change of clothes and more. This great post about What to pack in your Diaper bag gives you some great pointers so that you never leave the house unprepared.

Day Trips vs. Vacations What do you need to know about using cloth while out for the day as opposed to using cloth diapers while taking an actual vacation? This blog post Have Cloth Will Travel talks about the differences and encourages you to take the plunge no matter how long you'll be out of the house.

Swim Diapers while on Vacation Pros and Cons to using a pocket diaper as a swim diaper. When you'll NEED an actual swim diaper and other things you should consider when choosing a swim diaper for your little one. Check out this post Vacation Diaries: Swim Diapers.

Cloth Swim Diapers and...Liquid Poo? This is a hilarious post, Cloth Swim Diapers and Fruit at the Beach. This guest post talks humorously about swim diaper mishaps, things to consider, and WILL a swim diaper hold liquid poop?

We hope you enjoyed this round up of some of our most popular Travel and Swim Diaper related blog posts. So, are you planning to use cloth diapers while you travel? How about reusable swim diapers?