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Second Look: Top Video Reviews of SuperUndies Training Pants

Posted by Julie on 8/3/2013 to Potty Training
Grab a second look at one of the newest product lines to stock the superundiesshelves here at Diaper Junction, Super Undies!

A Second Look at Super Undies

What better way to get to know the product then to check out video reviews from youtube. Video reviews allow you to see and hear how Super Undies work, straight from families who've used them!

Do they contain the poop? How stretchy are they? Exactly how absorbent are they can what do they look like on the inside?

These questions and more will be answered in the below youtube videos.

No complaints from Jen, they work great on her son!

Super Undies Informational Video, just how big is the XL Super Undies?

Laura from Super Undies answers your FAQ

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