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Second Look Saturday: Wetbags, are they really worth it?

Posted by Julie on 1/5/2013 to Cloth Diaper Accessories
Wetbags can often be overlooked by frugal families as a cloth diaper accessory that's not actually a necessity.

You know, they're right! However there are many reasons to own a wetbag and many uses for it beyond cloth diapering!

What is a wetbag?

A wetbag is a waterproof, often zipper closure bag, that is generally made from the same materials as cloth diapers of the same brand. Sometimes single layer and sometimes with a decorative cotton exterior.

They come in all sizes and some feature dual pockets. One pocket for dry/unused items, one waterproof pocket for the soiled/wet items.

Their to contain smells and moisture. Due to the fact that soiled cloth diapers have to be transported until you're back at home and ready for laundry, the wetbag gives you a way to contain messy diapers within your diaper bag.

Do you need them?

Sure, you can technically cloth diaper without them, you could use a plastic bag or something else. But that's not reusuable or pretty!

Benefits in using a Wetbag

  • Wetbags can be used and washed WITH your cloth diaper laundry.
  • They come in various styles and price ranges. Diaper Junction's Diaper Rite Wetbags sell for as low as $6.99 and can hold 3-4+ diapers.
  • They provide a fashionable alternative to disposable baggies and ensure that your dirty diapers are never mistaken as garbage and thrown out.
  • They have many uses beyond cloth diapers! Use as a bag for potty training to contain wet underwear, soiled clothing, wet swimsuits, toiletries, mama cloth and more! One of my favorite uses is to contain my wallet and cell phone while at the beach to ensure that things don't get wet.
  • They have a handy strap/handle and depending on the brand can be attached to a towel bar in your bathroom, your stroller, beach umbrella, bicycle, etc.

That many ways a wetbag can be used beyond cloth diapering can vary from family to family.

We hope this post has helped shed a little light on the many benefits of owning a wetbag and not just opting for plastic bags.

So, do you own a wetbag yet? What other uses have you found for it?