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Second Look Saturday: Babylegs are versatile and not just for baby!

Posted by Julie on 2/16/2013 to Cloth Diaper Accessories
Babylegs. Can I come up with a whole post dedicated to their use? I'm about to show you!

From baby to toddlers, older children and even mamas, Babylegs are practical, versatile and as my daughter likes to say "they're funky." They're a part of our Feed Your Stash Friday Giveaway this week and so we're featuring them so you can see just why YOU need them!

Babylegs for Babies

Perfect for use with cloth diapers. They can be left on during diaper changes, keep baby warm and protect their little legs when they're learning to scoot and crawl. Plus, they're CUTE!

Seriously, you can't cloth diaper without them. They're a perfect match.

Babylegs for Toddlers

Again, super cute. Keep tiny legs and arms warm. Can easily be worn under clothing for extra comfort and warmth and work great for those toddlers who never want to wear clothes.

You might be thinking that your toddler won't keep them on, but trust me, they come in some of the cutest colors and prints that your little one will surely love to wear.

Babylegs for Older Children

You may or may not have noticed, funky socks are apparently IN STYLE, or so my 9 yr old tells me. In fact, I love this trend. She prefers to wear mismatched socks to school and socks that go all the way up her calf. That's when I realized, we have Babylegs! They totally work, look cute (and funky) and my 9 yr old loves them!

Besides looking cool, they also provide extra warmth on a cool day.

Babylegs for Mama

When you REALLY want to embarrass your children or for when you just don't care, Babylegs really can work for mamas too! I wear a lot of flip flops, even on cold days and love that I can wear them and leave my toes exposed. For exercise and other days when I might get a chill, I wear them under my pants or on my arms. They really do work.

So what do you say? Do YOU ever wear Babylegs? Think I'm completely off my rocker? Share your thoughts with us!

Ready to shop for Babylegs? Check them out here on!

Photo Credits: Thanks to The Inquisitive Mom, Housewife Mama, and SAHCDMama for sharing the adorable pics of their Babylegs in use for our post.



Date: 2/16/2013
I have a couple of pairs and I've only used them a few times... I don't find them as useful as I expected. (I have a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old.) Perhaps it's because I have boys?
Date: 2/17/2013
Our Babylegs have gotten lots of use. I didn't discover them until my first was a little older, but he's 5 and still wears them on his arms as an extra pair of "sleeves". Instant long sleeves even when he wants to wear a t-shirt on a cold day. My daughter is 18 months and we use them on most days. I use them for myself too! I like to wear them on my arms with 3/4 length tops. Never thought to use them as socks though, what a great idea!
Candace Suarez
Date: 1/14/2015
Totally cute I wanna get some!
katie m
Date: 4/27/2015
Babylegs for babies are so cute and using them for legwarmers is such a good idea!

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