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Second Look: Rumparooz, Not just cloth diapers!

Posted by Julie Clark on 3/3/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
This week's giveaway features Rumparooz popular one size pocket diapers. But did you know that Rumparooz also produces some other really great cloth diapering products?

Rumparooz Wetbag

Rumparooz diapers wet bag meets the demands of cloth diapering parents by changing up the design to allow for storage of more cloth diapers. Most wet bags are flat, like an envelope but the Rumparooz diaper wet bag is half moon shaped to allow more cloth diapers to be stored until you're ready to launder them.

Rumparooz Pail Liner

The Rumparooz cloth diaper pail liner has the features cloth diaper parents have been clamoring for: more room, more colors, more prints, more protection from the stink.

Features barrier seam sealing, unique barrel shape, extra large dimensions, no-stink fabric and elastic drawstring closure.

Rumparooz Newborn Diapers and Covers

Rumparooz Newborn Cloth Diaper Covers and Lil' Joey All-In-One diapers provide families of newborns great quality diapers and covers that contain those newborn messes while still being easy to use.

The Rumparooz Newborn cover features three sizes in one, because Rumparooz knows that newborns are born in all shapes and sizes and that a great fit is vital to cloth diaper function.

The Rumparooz Newborn Lil' Joey gives new moms the ease of use they'd find in a disposable by providing an all-in-one diaper that features a snap down notch for umbilical stumps. Adjustable waist snaps, gussets and absorbency make this a great choice for newborn cloth diapering.

These are just a few of the great Rumparooz products we carry at Diaper Junction. To check out all our Rumparooz products as well as package deals please click here.