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Second Look: Fuzzi Bunz Diapers, the diaper that started it all!

Posted by Julie on 1/12/2013 to Cloth Diaper News

Focus on Fuzzi Bunz

Fuzzi Bunz is widely known as one of the original cloth diapers and it certainly is one of the most widely know and first cloth diaper brands to really become popular and readily available.

Created by Tereson Dupuy, the "Mother of Eden" quite literally, the Fuzzi Bunz line has changed and evolved over the years. Currently two of their most popular diaper styles, the Elite One Size and Perfect Fit Cloth Pocket Diapers, are available for purchase here at Diaper Junction!

Fuzzi Bunz were actually two of the very first cloth diapers I ever owned. Gently used they were, but they still held up great and worked wonders. Since then they've changed a little in appearance but they're still one of my top choices for cloth diapers I recommend to others.

Cool facts about Fuzzi Bunz

Here are a few things that make Fuzzi Bunz Cloth diapers a great choice for your family!

  • Each Fuzzi Bunz Elite Diaper comes with adjustable leg and waist elastic to provide the fit you need. Also perfectly adjustable for when you have two different sized babies in cloth.
  • Each Elite diaper also comes with replaceable elastic should it's original elastic wear out. The best part...there's no sewing required to replace the elastic!
  • Lifetime Warranty! Fuzzi Bunz waterproof diaper exterior is covered under a lifetime warranty as are the snaps! This gives you assurance that your cloth diaper investment will be protected.
  • Choose between a sized diaper or one size. Both have their advantages and no mama's stash can be complete without trying them both!

    Sized diapers are perfect for those itty bitty baby jeans or outfits where you can't afford any extra bulk, or for skinny babies who need a custom fit.
  • They're available in a ton of fun and vibrant colors!
  • They are a part of Diaper Junction's 30-day money back guarantee! This means you can purchase a Fuzzi Bunz diaper and try it for 30-day. Don't like it? (although we KNOW you will!) You can return it!

Fuzzi Bunz is truly a great cloth diaper and one that has continued to make the cloth diapering industry proud over the years. They've worked great for our little ones and we know you'll love them too!

Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers and Accessories are available for purchase at!