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Second Look: Diaper Rite OS AIO Cloth Diaper and AIO Benefits

Posted by Julie on 8/10/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Today we take a closer look at the NEW Diaper Rite One Size cloth diapers,diaper rite,diapersAll-In-One cloth diaper.

How does it work? What makes it unique? What are the benefits in choosing an all-in-one cloth diaper? Better keep reading to find out!

diaper rite

Diaper Rite OS AIO Features

  • One Size fits from birth through potty training
  • Waterproof outer with snap closure
  • Semi-attached soaker allows you to fold customize the absorbency for where your baby needs it most
  • Built in additional soaker, inside the diaper, provides extra coverage
  • Stay-dry suedecloth interior keeps baby feeling dry and is also pill-proof, keeping your diaper's interior looking newer longer.
  • Low price of just $11.95 each!

Benefits in choosing One Size All-In-One diaper

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient design
  • No stuffing required and no extra inserts or soakers to keep track of
  • Perfect for caregivers, traveling, and times when you need to be able to change baby in a hurry
  • One size design allows you to use the same diapers on children of different ages and sizes
  • Cost effective

The above are just a few of the reasons you should give our new Diaper Rite OS AIO a try! What's stopping you? Visit Diaper Junction today and shop for cloth diapers!


Date 8/12/2013
Looks like a neat diaper! And what a great price!
Date 8/15/2013
Vicki Hall
I love Diaper Rite pockets and covers I can't wait to try these They look so simple to use .
Date 8/21/2013
Looks like a great diaper. Love AIO's.
Date 9/1/2013
I wish I could gave started with these, I absolutely love them! Diaper Rite's price UA perfect for an excellent quality diaper, that is easy and fun. I love the solid colors because it makes it easier t match if I wanted to, plus they are pretty gender neutral! Super soft too! I can't say enough about them.
Date 10/27/2013
Mary S
I'm interested to try one of these. You can't beat the price! I think Econobum aren't even this cheap when they're on sale!
Date 9/11/2014
Erin B.
Love that there is no stuffing and you can fold the soaker for extra absorbency where needed! Will definitely need to add these to my "to try" list :)
Date 6/2/2015
katie miller
I love that there is no stuffing required, makes it so much quicker and easier for changes.

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