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Second Look: All-In-One Cloth Diapers, What are the benfits?

Posted by Julie on 3/16/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
All-In-One cloth diapers are great and there are many benefits to using them. Have you been considering trying them?

Let us point out the reasons why everyone should have at least a few all-in-one diapers in their stash.

Reasons to choose an all-in-one cloth diaper:

They're convenient! Sure, stuffing a pocket will get you the same results, but all-in-ones have some major benefits.
  • You don't need to sort and stuff the diaper in advance with inserts
  • You don't have to worry about inserts bunching
  • You don't have to remove the inserts before placing the soiled diaper in your wetbag, diaper pail or washing machine

Perfect for convincing others to use cloth! Trying to convince your daycare provider, babysitter, grandparent or a friend to use your cloth diapers when they care for your child?

Providing them with AIO's to start will show them that modern cloth can be just as easy to use and convenient as disposables. By giving them an AIO you'll be giving them the confidence they need to know that they can handle it.

Once they've fallen in love with cloth and are on board with using your cloth diapers then you can teach them how to use pocket diapers, covers, prefolds and more.

All-In-One's are great for doctor appointments! Similar to the above, when at the doctor for a weigh in or wellness check, you're often required to take babies diaper on and off quickly for the doctor and you know you don't want to upset your already nervous baby.

All-In-One's, especially ones with aplix like the BumGenius Freetime allow you to quickly change diapers and fasten them while holding a squirming baby on the doctor's table.

All-In-One's can be versatile! Although you might think a drawback to an AIO is that they may not be absorbent enough, it's important to note that with the help of a stay-dry doubler or extra insert you CAN increase the absorbency of many AIO's.

Several AIO's also now come with semi-attached inserts that you can place a doubler under or pockets that can be used for stuffing when you'd like to increase absorbency.

In my personal opinion, AIO's are great to have on hand when you need the ultimate in convenience with the most ease of use.

So, how many AIO's do you have in your cloth diaper stash and how often do you use them?



Date: 3/17/2013
I have 5 AIOs in my stash. I use them on a daily basis. The AIOs that I have are all tongue style where you stuff them after wash - they are easy to stuff and quick dry.
sophia Puerta
Date: 3/17/2013
i just started cloth diapering and so far ive got about 5 AIO's and i like them my favorite is the bumgenius freetime because i add a doubler and it is super absorbent.they are used a lot by my husband as well
Date: 3/17/2013
My entire stash is mostly AIOs--guilty of being tired of stuffing. Plus they seem to be the most trim and absorbent for my little guy. We love Freetimes, Simplex and Tots Bots Easy Fit. Too many to count! ** However, we use fitteds and wool for night and then have some GroVia AI2's that we use every once in a while.
Amanda O'Mara
Date: 3/17/2013
I have 3 Grovia AIOs and while they'll be great for our family to use, for my husband and I, I feel like they're kind of a waste. The majority of my stash is Grovia Hybrids and I like being able to get multiple uses out of the shells before washing them. I fear having to wash the AIO's every single time they're used, they are going to wear out faster than my Hybrids that get washed 2-3 times less.

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